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Six Sigma Vs PMP Certification


During the past few years, both Six Sigma and PMP Certification have proved their importance in any organization. Both these certifications have significance in making organizations a better place by implementing focused strategies. Thus, you can say that earning either of the certifications can help you elevate your standing within your organization. Through these certifications, you can, not only get a more attractive job but also get a leadership position in big organizations.

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Though both certifications are equally adaptable and can help you advance your career, yet both have some differences. And it is the need of the hour to understand all the differences between these two certifications. So let us get to it.

Six Sigma Certification

PMP Certification

Six Sigma is a business management strategy that was developed in 1981 by Motorola. It was developed to improve the quality of process outputs. On the other hand, the PMP certification was launched by the well-renowned PMI in the year 1984. This certification was aimed to enable project managers to improve the success rate of the projects.To Pass PMP certification in first try PMP certification dumps are helpful.
Six Sigma is known well to be a methodology that identifies defects and variations in any process. Whereas, PMP certification includes creating and managing different types of projects within the given time and budget.
Six Sigma relies totally on statistics to eliminate any or all defects or waste. Contrarily, PMP always uses a variety of processes that can help them improve the quality of the work.
A person who is a Six Sigma Certified has an aim to reduce all of the wasted time, effort, and money on a specific process. But on the other side, a PMP certified aims to focus on how to plan a project, what to add in it, and what to be done to execute it perfectly.
All of the Six Sigma projects tend to have a continuous control phase. On the contrary, the project management focuses on completing a project within the given timeframe.
Those who have Six Sigma certification would use data-driven methods and statistics. These are then used in a way to not only identify but solve a challenge as well. While PMP professionals would generally use standardized practices. These help them to effectively deliver a project that meets all the requirements of the customer.
To become capable of leading a Six Sigma project, a person generally needs to have reached the Black Belt level. Having a black belt means that a professional is capable enough to explain Six Sigma philosophies and principles. With that, it also means having an understanding of all aspects of the DMAIC model. If you have managed to become a PMP certified professional, then this means that you have achieved an expert level. In other words, you can utilize the more than 42 tools of project management easily. Not just that, having this certification is proof that you have validated your competence as a project manager.
The goal of Six Sigma is to have no more than 3.4 defects per one million defects. Whereas, PMP certification enables you to work in a way to avoid any kind of defect or deal with it if there is one.
Thus applying six Sigma rules would help to improve customer satisfaction which will overall improve the condition of the organization. Similarly, that is the case in PMP certification as well. Which is to complete the project within the given deadline and with such a quality result that can align with the overall business goals.


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Thus these differences are more than enough for anyone to understand what both Six Sigma and PMP certification is. Both are equally useful and effective at the same time and are used for improving the overall situation of the organization. But do keep one thing in mind that even though their methodologies are different, yet both have similar lifecycles. Plus in the end, both the certifications lead you toward success.

Hence whatever the industry you work in, you will find if not equal, then at least close preference between the two certifications. So make up your mind and decide what certification you need to get and start preparing for it. And don’t forget to stay home, stay safe, and never stop learning.