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Self Confidence & Best Assertiveness Training

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When it comes to asking people what they would like most along with money, they say they want to have self-confidence and be more assertive. Having the right amount of self-confidence can give us a huge advantage and is responsible for giving us a successful life and career. This self-confidence and assertiveness training course will give you a deeper sense of self-confidence. You will know all your strengths and weaknesses and learn to use them to your benefit.


  • Enjoy the benefits of being super self-confident!
  • Understand how fear affects our self-confidence
  • Adopt techniques for emergency self-confidence
  • How to be confident in negotiations
  • How to ooze self-confidence in the mating/ dating game
  • Be more confident in social settings
  • Hold your own in conversations
  • Explore your awareness regarding your own levels of self-confidence through a number of fun activities
  • Understand why we want self-confidence in the first place
  • Explore the character method of self-knowledge

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