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Assertive Communication Skills Masterclass

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You can consider assertive communication to be a critical skill for emerging leaders, new managers, and many people who are more introverted in social situations. When you know the right way to communicate assertively, you can easily say NO without feeling guilty or making others angry. You need to learn to set boundaries to not only protect your time and priorities but goals as well. In this course, you will learn assertive communication skills to deal with your social and business life. You will learn to speak up confidently, set up boundaries for yourself and learn to deal calmly in difficult conversations.


      • Move from being a passive communicator to a confident, assertive communicator.
      • Say “no” and establish boundaries without feeling guilty.
      • Make clear requests to your team members, friends and family.
      • Disagree assertively and know how to react when somebody disagrees with you.
      • Speak confidently and become visible in group situations.
      • Be an engaging conversation partner in one-on-one conversations.
      • Overcome your fears and limiting beliefs about being assertive.
      • Honestly and confidently express what you think, feel and want without holding back.
      • Learn body language to support your assertive verbal message.
      • Deal with difficult situations with ease.

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