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Review for Sci-Fi Concept Art in Photoshop and Maya Course

Sci Fi Concept Art Highlights
  • Dong Kyun Ryu via Pluralsight
  • 2 hours 11 min of videos available
  • Level: Advanced
  • Language: English

In this sci fi concept art course or tutorial, the instructor aims to help learners understand the Sci-Fi concept art in Photoshop and Maya. The sci fi concept art course instructor in this course has used many efficient techniques to concept a sci-fi environment for the learners. The course starts with using Photoshop to get an idea sketch before refining it in Maya. Then the sci fi concept art course instructor will talk about some of the key art fundamentals like shapes, lines, values, and more. Similarly, going further, you will also get to understand how to merge photos. Thus, upon completing the course, you would have gained a solid understanding of the workflows that are required for creating cool concept art.

All you need is some inspiration, a working computer, an internet connection, and Photoshop CC, Maya 2015 and then you are all set to learn from this amazing course.

Syllabus of This Sci Fi Concept Art Course:

The course encloses in it a variety of concepts, the details of which are given below.

  • You will develop a good understanding of what an idea sketch is.
  • Then the instructor will talk about merging photos and developing mood.
  • After that. You will get to understand how to set up a project and render settings.
  • Next, you will learn about blocking out the environment.
  • Similarly, the instructor will talk in detail about how to place objects.
  • Furthermore, you will get to know all about the finish blocking out.
  • Then the instructor will explain how to assign material and render using V-ray.
  • Going further, you will get to understand how to do designing and modeling a Sci-Fi building.
  • Then after that, you are going to learn to create a pathway in a step-by-step guide.
  • Next, the instructor will give you an overview of the edges and steps.
  • Then, you will be taught how to photo bash and texture the background.
  • After that, you will learn to create an atmosphere and design the spaceship in an efficient manner.
  • Then the instructor will talk about painting the final details.

And this is how you will learn all about the Sci-Fi concept art in Photoshop and Maya.

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Note that this is an advanced level course which means that absolute beginners won’t be able to learn much from this course. And that is why a good understanding of Photoshop and Maya is necessary. Therefore, if you are interested in learning all about creating Sci-Fi concept art in Photoshop and Maya and at your ease and pace, then enrolling in this course is what you need to do. So, visit the website and enroll today, and never stop learning.

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