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Introduction to R

R is an open-source free programming language for statistical computing, data analysis, and graphics. R is used by a growing number of managers and data

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Data Science Primer

The Data Science Overview | Technologies, Tools & Modern Roles in the Data-Driven Enterprise is an introductory level course that introduces the entire multi-disciplinary Data

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Leading Change in a Virtual World

In today’s changing climate, the role of the leader has never been more important. This course help managers develop the key skills needed to lead their teams towards any goal. Each participant will receive an individualized Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders profile to help them recognize strengths and development needs in these key areas:

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Leading with Emotional Intelligence

A virtual instructor-led program, this leadership learning journey will help enhance demonstrated emotionally intelligent leadership behaviors. During six highly interactive and impactful sessions, attendees will learn to improve how they connect, communicate and influence others, in turn, enhancing leadership ability, personal relationships and well-being. Genos Emotional Intelligence focuses on a set of skills that help us act intelligently with our emotions, enhancing our decisions, behavior and performance.

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