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What are the key skills for a Product Analyst Role?


To prove that you’re a suitable fit for the role of Product Analyst, learning the top skills earns you a privilege. After all, the right mix of analyst skills in this specific position will increase your career prospects and boost your salary. Even so, to prepare for your next opportunity or promotion, learning the requisite skills of a Product Analyst ensure that you are eagerly required for anyone in this career path. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of key skills for a product analyst that are required to work “as a Product Analyst” in 2021 or to develop your skills till beyond.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there has been a fast-evolving growth for product analysts. It is estimated that there will be an 18%‎ growth in the job outlook for product analysts through 2019-2024‎. This is undoubtedly many times faster than the global average for all sectors. So, if you want to be a Product Analyst, think about whether you have the key qualities that most employers look for.


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What is your role as a Product Analyst?

As a Product Analyst, you are hired by firms to manage product launches. Your job is to consider developing or launching new products or making improvements to an established product. As a professional, you use nuanced market analysis and production planning expertise to ensure a successful launch. Product analysts provide estimated costs for releasing the products to market. Learn to walk peer-to-peer with the best product analyst skillsets in product management— just be confident with the best skills that will place you at the top of your game.

What are Product Analyst Skills?

Product analysts are making a name for themselves in the industrial world. Having said that, product analyst skills are those important skills that will help you advance in your career. The following skills that are required by the majority of employers are the gateways to success for product analysts.

Nonetheless, your day-to-day responsibilities involve the ability to perform market analysis, prepare detailed reports, and synthesize complex ideas into real targets, as well as the ability to propose unique and beneficial ideas. As in every other work, you will have to learn the key skills as a product analyst. Simply having certain skills puts you ahead of other candidates. You might also be interested in Online Project Management Courses.

Top 5 Product Analyst Skills

As the world continues on its progressive journey, so as the value of a competent product analyst is growing. In response to this claim, we’ve also conducted a statistical analysis of the percentage for specific skills required by several potential employers. That involves understanding ‎Tableau, project management, business process, user interface, and data analysis are ‎examples of analytical abilities. ‎

That’s about it; now let us discuss what these are:


If you want to work as a product analyst, you must have hands-on knowledge of tableau. Being the most convenient and pivotal data visualizing skill, the tableau is leading the business world. That said, from product management to product analysis, international firms are getting tremendous outcomes and results, by altering their overall execution with Tableau. Whether you would like to support your competitive business line, or deal with big data, with Tableau it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

It outperforms other product analyst skills when it comes to developing unique strategies for charting, table calculations, mapping, and creating dashboards. This essential tool will assist you in creating worksheets and Scorecards in Tableau. To achieve better and faster, you’ll need to master this skill sooner or later.

Product Management

product management

To enhance your product’s perfection, technical knowledge of product management is highly crucial. Product Management enables you to analyze the fate of any product in the active market. Companies ranging from startups to the global level, require their product analyst to have a thorough understanding of product management.

Comprising of influence, user poll, compassion, and revenue, analysts ought to have this skill as a part of their job. This particular mindset will help you manage the dealings and influence all the areas of your job. Simply put, to plan and monitor the growth of any product as an analyst, having this skill is pivotal.

Business Process

To analyze product operations and execution, you’ll need such a skill that is a sum of all business tactics such as process modeling, discovery, success evaluation, and rules and decision making. Business process management (BPM) is a one-stop skill. This management discipline is used to improve and control business processes. Method exploration, process mapping, and modeling, measurements, (KPI), and primary performance measures are all part of it.

BPM aims to contribute to process improvement, centered on the entire enterprise. As a result, it will assist you in monitoring and optimizing the development of any manufacturer in real-time. This ability directly makes the most of your analyst work-oriented responsibilities. So, go ahead and make an effort to learn this skill.

User Interface

User Interface

Have you ever seen your competitor’s enticing user interfaces? It’s high time for you to learn how to use a user interface for yourself. Aesthetics, motion, sound, and physical space are all components of interaction design or user interface. This ability primarily assists you in predicting when and how a product will be used, which affects a user’s relationship with a product.

As a product analyst, you have to ensure that user flows, knowledge access and screen layout efficacy are all carried out smoothly. Learn to make use of design principles. Designing elements can drastically make a change in your career as an analyst. It is critical in this role to always have the best UI skills.


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Data Analysis

From the time data analysis has arrived, the business world has shifted towards a much easier approach. Not to mention, data analysis has made use of algorithms, data visualization techniques, analytical business logic, ‎programming knowledge, and managing vast organizations multiple times easily. ‎

You’ll need to understand how data analytics tools work. Start using direct visual, written, and verbal communication to provide insight and analysis as required on products/services. All of these are useful skills to have when working on the senior level of product analyst.

The Fact-Based Percentage for these Skills

According to ZipRecruiter and zippia.com, the below percentage is calculated based on international surveys. These facts may help you distinguish that skills are vitally important for product analysts:

  • 66% product management skills
  • 70% business process knowledge
  • 79% data analytics
  • 0% user interface
  • 20% tableau skills

According to the survey, product management as an analyst skill had the highest potential for employment prospects at 12.66 percent.

What is the Salary of a Product Analyst?

According to ZipRecruiter, the median annual wage for product analysts in the United States is $76,728 as of March 2021. The top professionals earn as high as $117,500. Beginners with limited skills can earn up to $35,000. The District of California, Sunnyvale, New York City, and Baltimore has the following competitive median wages: $96,946, $88,132, and $85,311, overall.

Salaries of skilled Product Analysts:

You can make thousands to millions of dollars by learning these skills. Based on the recent findings of zippia, let us show you how much you can earn as a skilled web developer:

Business Process Analyst:‎

Backend developers earn around $78,990. This demonstrates the high-end ‎demand for this important skill.‎

Technical Product Analyst:

As a technical product analyst, you’ll earn $75,609. That explains exactly why you need to learn this skill.

Product Management Analyst:

Product management analysts tend to earn around $74,353 across the U.S. This may suggest that you must be learning this skill to earn better wages.

Database Product Analyst:

A database product analyst with these particular skills and specialization is likely to earn $74,807.


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Final Thoughts

As product analysts are critical thinkers, you can learn any of the skills mentioned above. Improve your skillset starting today. Improve your understanding of the issues as you finalize a product. We hope our step-by-step guide to becoming a useful product analyst has sparked your imagination. Do it perfectly while you’re at it!