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Oxbridge Home Learning Overview


Want to know everything about Oxbridge home learning without even have to search on your own? Well, in that case, you have landed on the right page. It is because our team at takethiscoure.net has gathered all the information they could about what Oxbridge home learning is. How it is helpful for you and others. What types of courses it offers. Is this platform recognized or not and other similar questions like these. So start reading now and see for yourself what we have gathered for you this time.

Introduction to Oxbridge Home Learning:

In very simple words, Oxbridge is known to be a hybrid of Oxford and Cambridge. Both these institutes are the two wealthiest, oldest, and highly popular ones in the United Kingdom. With Oxbridge home learning, the purpose of learning without limits is accomplished. The courses offered by the Oxbridge are quite flexible, affordable, convenient, and enjoyable. With that, you also get full support of the expert world-class tutors who are very passionate about their work.

Is the Oxbridge Home Learning well-recognized?

The answer here is Yes. It is because this distance learning platform is offering educational courses that are fully-accredited and industry-recognized. Not only that, but these courses are available for all ages and backgrounds. Whatever interest you have, or whatever your age is, Oxbridge has to have something for you.

Benefits of Learning from Oxbridge:

Studying from Oxbridge brings up a lot of advantages for you. The details of which are mentioned below:

  • As it is a distance learning platform, so people from all around the world are welcome to take any course they want.
  • These courses will help you improve your lifestyle and boost your confidence.
  • Similarly, it offers a convenient and flexible schedule for you to learn from the course.
  • It lets you learn from wherever you are or whatever the time difference there is. This is to make sure that you can study and upgrade your career to its fullest.
  • Furthermore, you can enrol in any course 365 days a year. Precisely, you get to take a course and learn from it whenever you want.

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What does Oxbridge Home Learning have for you?

Oxbridge Home Learning like we said earlier offers a wide range of courses covering different disciplines. So it is best to directly dive into the details of these courses.

Oxbridge Courses Categories:

Oxbridge has three categories of courses to offer:

Distance Learning Courses:

With these distance learning courses, you get this feasibility of studying whenever you want. The course can either be part-time or full-time so it depends on you what you want. Furthermore, there is another option which enables you to study whenever you have spare time. In this way, your daily life activities are not even disturbed and you get to complete your studies as well.
The distance learning courses are offered in a wide range. From A-levels and GCSEs to through specialist qualification, there is a course for everyone.

Categories of Distance Learning Courses:

Distance learning courses are available in 23 categories in which each category further has several courses. The names of a few categories are given below.

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Animal Care
  • Business and Management
  • Counselling
  • Event Management
  • Design and Photography
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Language
  • and many more.

A-Level Courses:

At Oxbridge, A-Level courses are a flexible and enjoyable way to study. The learning resources in each course are in different forms like videos, e-books, and online quizzes. These courses have been instructed by expert course developers which include teachers, examiners, and distance learning experts.

List of A-Level Courses:

There are 19 A-Level courses available for you to enrol in. Depending on your area of interest you can choose from the following:

  • A-Level Math
  • A-Level Philosophy
  • A-Level Physics
  • A-Level chemistry
  • A-Level Biology
  • A-Level French
  • A-Level Law
  • A-Level Philosophy
  • A-Level Business
  • A-Level English Language
  • and others.

GCSE Courses:

The General Certificate of Secondary Education is an internationally recognized and used qualification. They are available in a wide range that can be studied through distance learning. Furthermore, these courses are an effective way for you to move to A-Level courses next.

List of GCSE courses:

There are 14 GCSE courses offered.

  • Spanish IGCSE
  • History IGCSE
  • Sociology IGCSE
  • Mathematics IGCSE
  • Physics IGCSE
  • Psychology IGCSE
  • Geography IGCSE
  • French IGCSE
  • English Literature IGCSE
  • Biology IGCSE
  • Astronomy IGCSE
  • Chemistry IGCSE
  • and more.

Concluding Remarks:

Thus concluding our topic by saying that with these online courses in hand, you can learn a lot and develop a strong foundation in any subject. The best thing about these courses is that you can enrol in them whenever you want to and wherever you live. Also, there are no restrictions or time table to follow instead you can learn at your own pace. So visit the website today and give yourself a chance to learn from a well-recognized institute.

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