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Overview of CISSP Salary Stats


What is CISSP?

CISSP is an acronym of Certified Information Systems Security Professional which is granted by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)². There are a total of 141604 (ISC)² members who are holding the CISSP certification globally as of July 1, 2020.

What is the job of a CISSP?

For all those people out there who are a part of the IT industry, CISSP certification helps them get specific training to become information assurance professionals. By taking up the CISSP certification, you will be able to perform a variety of functions. This includes defining the design, architecture, controls, and management of highly secure business environments. In short, CISSP is a very important credential for information security professionals which validates their skills and competency in cybersecurity. Those who manage to gain this certification are considered to be extremely competitive.

Who are suitable for CISSP?

Well, it’s not like anyone who feels like getting this certification can just take the exam. Instead, there are some requirements that have to be met. A minimum of five years of cumulative paid work experience in two or more of the eight domains of the CISSP CBK is required.

With that, you should know that if you have earned a four-year college degree or regional equivalent or even an additional credential from the (ISC)² approved list, then this is going to satisfy one year of the required experience.

Why there is a high demand for CISSP certified professionals?

It is not a hidden fact that organizations whether big or small are always in a fear of cybersecurity breaches and threats. The Annual Cyber Security Ventures reported that cybercrime is going to cost the world over $6 trillion by 2021 annually. This rate is double to what was in 2015. So this shows that the need for professionals who can at least control or stop these kinds of security breaches is valid.

Another factor that can demonstrate the growing demand for CISSP is the global staffing shortage for qualified InfoSec professionals. Which according to the Global Information Security Workforce Survey (GISWS) would reach to 1.5 million by the end of 2020.

So these factors show why there is a high demand for CISSP certified professionals and is the highest IT paying certification. Find out here what is ISSMP Exam?

CISSP Salary Stats

It is no joke that those who have CISSP makes a lot of money. Why? because CISSP is known to be one of the most sought-after and elite certifications in the IT sector. The certification is hard, terrifying, and impossible to pass. And that is why those people who manage to pass the CISSP exam are the lucky ones as there is a very bright career ahead of them.


CISSP Professionals Salary in UK:

The average salary of a CISSP professional in the UK is £57k.

Job title Average for job title <1 yr. 1-4 yrs. 5-9 yrs. 10-19 yrs. 20+ yrs.
Information security manager £55,809 £- £43k £51k £57k £59k
Information security analyst £45,544 £27k £31k £45k £40k £-
Senior Security consultant £62,069 £- £59k £60k £61k £64k
Security architect, IT £57,895 £- £53k £54k £63k £68k
Security consultant £54,981 £28k £38k £52k £59k £60k
Information security officer £47,109 £- £32k £43k £55k £57k

CISSP Professionals Salary in Australia:

The average salary of a CISSP professional in the Australia AU$126K.

Job title Average for job title <1 yr. 1-4 yrs. 5-9 yrs. 10-19 yrs. 20+ yrs.
Information security manager AU$132,059   AU$- AU$110k AU$123k AU$132k AU$154k
Information security analyst AU$108,057 AU$- AU$77k AU$101k AU$104k AU$-


Cyber Security Analyst AU$85,000 AU$- AU$75k AU$85k AU$105k AU$-
Security architect, IT AU$148,326 AU$- AU$159k AU$131k AU$148k AU$174k
Senior Security Consultant AU$125,227 AU$- AU$92k AU$118k AU$130k AU$-
Security Consultant, Computing AU$128,731 AU$60k AU$72k AU$102k AU$128k AU$142k


As you can see that the average salary of a CISSP is quite reasonable and the number of zeroes only depend on your experience. The more experience you have the more zeroes you get to have in your salary.

CISSP Professionals Salary in USA:

The average CISSP salary in the US is $109,000 per year.

Below are the salary stats of CISSP professionals in the US.

CISSP professionals have various job titles and designations and their salary also depends on the type of organization they work and the experience they have. So below are the details of some of the CISSP professionals and their salary according to their job titles.

Job title Average for job title <1 yr. 1-4 yrs. 5-9 yrs. 10-19 yrs. 20+ yrs.
Information security manager $117,383     $89k $92k $105k $117k $123k
Information security analyst $87,381 $59k $66k $81k $92k


Chief Information Security Officer $164,412 $106k $121k $127k $157k $171k
Security architect, IT $124,305 $77k $93k $116k $126k $134k
Information Security Officer $105,195 $62k $74k $91k $104k $114k
Security Engineer $103,045 $67k $80k $96k $105k $105k

CISSP Professionals Salary in US Cities:

Similarly, now we are going to talk about the CISSP salaries by city.

City Salary data
Washington, D.C $122,000
Boston, Massachusetts $117,000
New York $115,000
Dallas, Texas $109,000
Chicago, Illinois $114,000
San Diego, California $118,000


You can clearly see in the above table that the CISSP salary rates are different in every city. So what clearly matters here is the experience that you have just like we talked about earlier.

CISSP Median Salary:

Now we are going to mention different CISSP salary rates.

CISSP median salary by experience 2020.

Below are the salary details of security analyst with CISSP certification.

Early career $67,739
Mid-career $93,318
Experienced $101,595
Late career $102,591
20+ years $105,825

CISSP Mean Salary:

Mean CISSP salary by job title for 2020.

Information security analyst $88,312
Information security manager $120,161
Cybersecurity analyst $95,781
Chief information security officer $168,895
Cyber security engineer $111,439
Security architect, IT $126,221
Security engineer, information systems $101,163

Final Thoughts:

As you can see, wherever you live or whatever the organization you work for, if you are a CISSP certified professional then you’ll definitely earn a lot. But this doesn’t mean this certification is easy to get or every person who takes the exam can pass it. Instead it demands a lot of hard work, consistency, and determination. So, get in the race of becoming a CISSP certified professional now and make a bright and secure future for yourself. And don’t forget to stay safe, stay home, and never stop learning.

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