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Outcome Based Education (OBE) & Academic Quality Assurance


Master course for Teachers and Leadership of schools, colleges and universities to improve Teaching & Learning Outcomes

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What You will Learn?

  • Understand and learn the fundamentals of Academic Quality, Quality Assurance and Outcome Based Education
  • Learn with examples how successful institutions apply Quality Assurance and Outcome Based Education in their institutions
  • Identify the differences between the teacher-centered and student-centered education
  • Understand and analyze different learning theories and taxonomies so that you can assess your own style of teaching and can improve upon it
  • Learn some good practices of Academic Quality Assurance and OBE
  • Identify any gaps in your own Academic Quality or your institution’s Academic Quality and how to further improve upon it

Online Course Description:


f you are teaching or will be teaching in educational school, college or a university; then this course is for you. The course is the only course available on this topic in Udemy, where more around 700 highly satisfied teachers and academician are presently enrolled from around 100 countries.  The course is practical and involves experiential learning on achieving world class Quality in Education with modern concepts and methodologies.

The course is also useful for those looking for ways to implement OBE to fulfill the requirements of Accreditation bodies. The course covers fundamentals to advance modern concepts with plenty of practical examples and good practices with implementation guidelines. The course aims to make you a much better teacher, researcher and/or administrator.

Outcome Based Education is a changing trend modern and 21st century schools, colleges and universities in many countries and institutions.  Presently, most teachers are teaching in traditional classroom setups which are highly “teacher-centered” or taught with fixed curricula.  OBE is a shift towards “Students-Centered” classrooms with focus on learning outcomes.  Many new knowledge and skills are required in traditional teachers for teaching based on the required learning outcomes.  Teachers and administrators of education institutions will have to learn new methods and approaches to prepare themselves for world-class quality.

Academic Quality Assurance for teachers and institutions is all about setting academic standards/benchmarks for all the subjects and programs taught in schools, colleges or universities; a structure for monitoring, controlling and continuously improving the learning outcomes and ensuring that each academic standard is complying to internal and external benchmarks.  A set of QA initiatives/interventions are therefore required at various levels.  This course provides details of QA initiatives in the areas of Teacher and Teaching, Curriculum, Assessment, Research, Teacher-Student Communication, Students Affairs and Services and Online Education (eLearning).  The use of eLearning is specifically expanding throughout the world, particularly in blended or flipped learning, in order to strengthen their educational efficiency and effectiveness.  The course also provides introduction to latest eLearning trends and how QA is assured in this mode of learning.

The course also provides introduction to many internationally popular QA/Accreditation frameworks, programs and models at schools, colleges and universities levels, covering their most crucial points.  The instructor shares global experiences and challenges faced by teachers as individuals, institutions and state levels; making it a valuable learning experience for teachers, administrators, policy makers and educational professionals for across the world.

The instructor is the Head of PIQC Institute of Quality, a center for excellence in Quality.

Who is the target audience?
  • Teachers and instructors of schools, colleges and universities
  • Management and Administrators of Educational Institutions

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