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10 Best Moodle Alternatives to Consider in 2024 [Updated]


Are you looking for an alternative to use against Moodle? If yes then we have got you covered with 10 best Moodle alternatives to consider. Here we are going to give short description of the 10 best Moodle alternatives to consider. This will give you an idea about what these alternatives are and which one is suitable for you. You can also checkout the comparison between Canvas Vs Moodle.

Best Moodle Alternatives to Consider

Below are the names and short description of the 10 best moodle alternatives.

1. Talent LMS

Talent LMS

TalentLMS is quite a user-friendly cloud LMS which you can easily use to train not only your students but partners, employees, and customers as well. This system is known to be fully customizable for your needs. With that, it offers deep insights into your e-learning environment. Similarly, this LMS comes with helpful features like support for TinCan (xAPI) and SCORM. With that, it offers other features like course selling, notifications, extensible user profiles, video conferencing, gamification, and more. In addition, the software’s responsive design makes it look really good on mobile devices.

2. Absorb LMS

Absorb lmsAbsorb LMS is a very effective and award-winning learning management system that enables you to modify the learning experience according to what your learner demands. You can start that right up with the thousands of pre-configured courses that are available in the software’s library. So by adding the carefully curated content into your learning program, you can easily make sure that your team’s skills are up to date. Be at ease as all this content can be seamlessly integrated into the Absorb LMS as well. It is so that the students can always access the content they need.

3. Coassemble

CoassembleCoassemble is known to be the LMS to have won the great user experience award in the year 2018. This software has managed to remain as easy to use as ever from start till present. The software can be used to create courses by offering more than 40 templates with interactive and drag and drop elements. These templates are known to be mobile-responsive so that you can easily create and update courses on the go. With that, it also offers the option to put your organization’s branding on the courses you create.

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4. SkyPrep

Sky prepSkyPrep is a very comprehensive and cost-effective training software that has been built for businesses who wish to roll out efficient learning and development programs. It offers robust features for course distribution and authoring. With that, it also offers features like automated grading and learner progress tracking in the form of an intuitive and easy to use interface.

5. eFront

eFronteFront is a comprehensive learning management suite that has been built with the aim to facilitate employee training. This learning management system allows different companies to create and manage interactive courses that are going to help with improving their skills. This LMS is equipped with a course management tool, video conferencing tools, repository, and more. With that, this platform can also handle all of the training requirements. It even comes with gamification tools that you can make the learning process even more interactive and engaging. In addition, it has a built-in course marketplace where users can access different ready-to-use learning materials.

6. Bridge LMS

BRIDGEBridge LMS is another alternative that can be used instead of Moodle. This is a cloud-hosted platform that has been designed to help companies with their talent development efforts. This LMS comes with powerful course authoring tools and career planning options. With that, it offers other features like custom learning path and creation features and more. With the help of this platform, you can create comprehensive engaging training materials which are targeted for a variety of job position at your company. In this way, your employees can get the most relevant and best courses to help them perform better. You might also be in to know about LSE Moodle.

7. Docebo

DoceboDocebo is known to be a very popular SAAS e-learning and training management solution which is fully integrated and mobile-ready. The platform is easily scalable and off-the-shelf and is offered to worldwide users in over 30 languages. Due to these such reasons, it is used by numerous top enterprises for achieving operational productivity. The best part of using this LMS is that you can use a simple-to-use, one-page web application to not only track and manage but deliver e-learning courses.

8. SAP Litmos

SAP litmosSAP Litmos is a reliable and convenient corporate LMS and considered a salesforce partner for secure data exchange and sales and service training. This platform is considered to be a simple and easy-to use solution and it does not need any expensive installation or dedicated training to use. It integrates seamlessly with leading solutions like centrify, box, ping, onelogin, okta, and more.

9. Canvas LMS


Canvas LMS is a very popular online LMS that aims to provide a customizable design and architecture to enable users to instruct or learn in a way they find suitable. To enhance the learning process, the system improves communication and collaboration between educators and learners. With Canvas LMS, students can easily interact with learning resources on their drives and submit paperwork easily. Similarly, instructors also get the options of merging wikis, blogs, videos, and other education channels. Other features include tracking learner’s progress, providing timely feedback, and more. Learn more about Canvas at Emory and how it enhances student learning experiences in our informative article.

10. Tovuti

Tovuti LMSTovuti is a next-generation learning experience platform that has been designed for small businesses and large enterprises alike. From course authoring to virtual classroom management to course gamification and evaluating learner progress, it offers a variety of features. In addition, you can also simplify the creation of courses and engage learners more effectively. By leveraging this platform, you can also create SCORM-compliant courses which are not only interactive but accommodate different media and customization according to the company branding.

Final Thoughts

So these were the details of the 10 best moodle alternatives to consider. All you have to do is read the description of each of these LMS and then decide which one is suitable for you. So choose one alternative today and never stop learning.