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Medical Technologist Jobs Key Skills in 2023 [Updated]


Whenever we think about the medical field, the first thing that crosses our minds is doctors. And everybody is under the stereotypical assumption that doctors are the integral part of the medical field. But we are so wrong. According to Forbes, doctors constitute to only 31% of the personnel in the medical field. There are so many fields other than doctors in medical field in which a person can excel. A person can be a nurse, physiotherapist, dentist or medical technologist etc.

So today in this article we would like to cover the details about a medical technologist and the necessary skills to acquire to make it big in the medical technologist field. You can also checkout Reflexology classes.

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Who is a Medical Technologies?

So at first we will try to explain who a medical technologist is and what his or her job description looks like. Basically the field of medical technologist is quite complex. But here we will break it down for your ease so you can understand it properly.

A medical technologist, as the name indicates, is actually the person who bridges the gap between the fields of medicine and technology. A medical technologist is highly skilled technician who has the know-how of technological equipment used in the field of medicine.

He is also the person who tests and analyzes blood, other body fluids, and tissue samples. Not only a medical technologist deals with the transfusions. He is also responsible for keeping an eye on its subordinates to make sure that all the men and women under him doing their work properly in orderly and timely manner. You might also be interested in Best Medical Terminology Courses.

And as the above the paragraph tells us that medical technologists deal with samples and stuff, this suggests that medical technologist’s work is vital to the appropriate diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients.

Skills and Specialties:

Now we will enlist the top skills and specialties that you need to master in 2022 to excel in the field of medical technology. Immunology, microbiology, genetics, histology, hematology, chemistry, toxicology, and blood banking are the areas of expertise of a medical technologist

The role of a medical technologist may be determined by the branch of pathology their lab specializes in, but is otherwise only limited by the tools they are provided. Regardless, it is purely diagnostic.

Clinical Pathology:

Clinical pathology is one of the fields that a medical technologist can specialize in. In this line of work, the tasks of a medical technologist are mostly related to perform lab tests and sampling of blood. They are actually the diagnostic men. They perform lab tests on blood and body fluids to identify diseases in the patients. Other than this, in clinical pathology, the work of a medical technologist is mainly of authoritative and managerial nature. They keep an eye on their sub-ordinates to make sure that their work is being done by them effectively and in a timely and orderly fashion

Anatomical Pathology:

As the name gives away, this branch of medical technology is concerned with the anatomical substances of a patient. We know that anatomy is related to anything that comes from the interior parts of the body. In anatomical pathology, tests are run on the fluids that come from the inside of the body from different tissues or organs. This may contain fluids such as saliva, bone marrow or any other from the inside of the body.

The tests conducted by a medical technologist are:

  • Tissue examination with naked eye.
  • Tissue examination by a microscope.
  • Cell examination by a microscope.
  • Electron microscopic view of other cells and tissues.
  • Chromosomes visualization and study by applying biotechnical methods.

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Procedural Expertise:

This is one of the most important skill to learn in the field of medical technology because it has the most practical and most hands on kind of approach. They are the actually the middle men in these kind of procedures. They prepare the apparatus such tissue cultures and tinctures required for a test. And they are responsible in diagnosis of diseases. And if a medical technologist performs its work accurately then it helps in yielding precise and faster lab results.

To give you a work breakdown of the tasks performed by the medical technologist let us give you a relative and exclusive example. As many of you have taken tests for COVID-19 you must know the procedure. In this procedure the person who collects sample from your nose is a medical technologist. The person who checks the presence of germs in the lab is also a medical technologist. You can checkout Best Soft Skills for Nursing Jobs.

In rare cases a medical technologist is to act under the supervision of a doctor or a pathologist. But mostly a medical technologist works alone in a lab. He not only manages the lab and its equipment. But also the personnel of the lab to make sure that the work is being done smoothly.

Thus to conclude our discussion here, the work of a medical technologist in procedures is to make sure that the procedures are running smoothly and everything is being done on time. Other than this he also takes care of the lab, lab equipment and lab workers.

Transfusion Medicine:

A technologist in the field of transfusion or more specifically blood transfusion has to test different blood samples that are donated or are to be transfused in a patient for the presence of diseases. He also has to ensure that there is an adequate supply of all types of supply in the blood bank. He also ensures that the blood is being kept safe and its quality is not deteriorating.

One more thing that a medical technologist has to do in the field of transfusion medicine is that he needs to keep a track of the equipment involved such as blood bags, needles, inventory.

Laboratory Equipment:

One of the important job description of a medical technologist is to keep an eye on the laboratory equipment. He has to make sure that the lab equipment is all right and in good shape. He also has to make sure that the repair and maintenance of the lab is being done time to time.

Another important task for the medical technologist is to keep an eye on the latest equipment regarding his procedures in the field. A medical technologist also does his best to get his hands on the new and improved equipment in the market for the lowest price.


ASCP means American Society for Clinical Pathology. It is a certified medical technologist that has a specialization in molecular diagnostics and CLIA laboratory particles


A medical technologist also has a lot associated to microbiology. He studies cells, tissues and other micro parts of the body for research or other purposes. He also has to perform and mange several other general tasks such as chemical tests etc.

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Final Thoughts

Before ending we would like to extend our best wishes to all the aspirants who want to opt the profession of a medical technologist. Here we have enlisted the top skills that according to us and our research are most important. We sincerely hope that these will be helpful for all of you guys. Feel free to tell us the skills that you think are important and we’ve missed. Your feedback will be appreaciated.