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Medical Terminology 101

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Are you a part of a healthcare or billing system that is looking for ways to enhance their skills and boost career? With the help of this course, you will be able to boost your earning ability marketable skills by learning the right way to speak medicine. The course starts with a thorough introduction to about the medical terminology. Then, the instructor will explain to you why it is important to learn medical terminology. Similarly, you will get an overview of learning medical terminology in detail. After that, you will get to understand the pronunciation of all the medical terms. It is very important to be able to pronounce the medical terms correctly and that is why you will get to know the right pronunciation of the different medical terms.


  • Health care, including nursing, dentistry, chiropractics, pharmacy, physical therapy, midwifery, and more.
  • Medical and scientific writing, editing, copyediting, or copywriting.
  • Medical billing and coding.
  • Medical transcription.
  • Medical secretary or receptionist.
  • Pharmacy technicians.
  • Clinical research.

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