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Learn Bootstrap 4 The Most Popular HTML5 CSS3 & JS Framework


Bootstrap to WordPress just added! Create an amazing website with the new Bootstrap version, 100% practical course!

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 What You will Learn?

  • Build Websites with the New Bootstrap Version
  • Connect PHP / MySQL with a Bootstrap Website
  • Learn almost all the Components and Bootstrap Classes with a Hands On Training Course
  • Take your existing site into a fully dynamic WordPress site
  • Convert a Bootstrap site into a WordPress Theme!

Online Course Description:

I added one video about how to migrate your Bootstrap 4 website into the latest Beta Version!


Just Added 40 new videos where you will learn how to transform your static bootstrap site into a dynamic WordPress Theme!

If you’re looking for an in depth Bootstrap and WordPress course look no more!!

Learn Bootstrap 4 The Most Popular HTML5 CSS3 & JS Framework!

This Course contains the Basics of the new Bootstrap 4 Framework + Building a Complete Project from Scratch.

The new version of Bootstrap contains a lot of new classes, helper utilities, a Flexbox powered grid and new components which all will be covered in this new course.

We’re building a complete Website and i’m gonna show you how to integrate PHP / MySQL with Bootstrap 4.

You will also learn how to extend Bootstrap components with CSS to make them look the way that you need to.

6 Photoshop files (PSD) are included in this course that are going to be converted intro a Bootstrap 4 Website, so if you’re looking for a PSD to Bootstrap course, this is the course that you should take!

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