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Key Skills to Become a UI Artist in 2023 [Updated]


User interface (UI) designer or artist is quite an exciting, challenging, and financially rewarding career path. And today’s business landscape is bursting up with opportunities for UI designers. With all the design-led companies that have outperformed their competitors, the need for design has become absolutely crucial to business success. And that is why more and more companies have started to feel like they need UI designers. In the current market, the average base salary of a UI designer is $81,794. Though this figure might seem attractive yet the real reward lies in shaping the user experience and also becoming a part of the brand’s success story. In this article, you’ll come to know about Key Skills to become UI Artist.

If you have an interest in this field and decide to start a career in it then you should know that there is no need for you to enroll in a particular course. Instead, a background in graphic design can also turn out to be useful. It is because anyone can learn the necessary skills with mere guidance and some learning resources right? But what type of skills are to be expected from a UI designer?

Below we have listed down some of the skills that an employer would want to see that you have mastered.

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Skills to Become a UI Artist

You Must know the Basic Design Principles:basic design princple

This is the first skill that you must possess in order to become a UI designer or artist is to have a good understanding of the basic design principles. The core principles of UI design are the following.

  • A UI artist has to be capable enough to interact with the product easily.
  • He must make sure that all the UI elements are consistent throughout.
  • Similarly, a good UI designer or artist must be in control of the interface at any point in time.

You need to be Creative in your own Designs:Create your own design

This is another skill that employers seek in a UI artist. Being able to build a good UI design is not just enough. Instead, you need to be quite creative with the design and have a good eye for detail. You must be very attentive and be able to identify whether the UI is well designed or poorly designed just by looking at it. Similarly, as a beginner, you must practice building your creativity curve and try to get inspired by other UI designs that may seem attractive. You can try to take a leaf out of their creations and become better. Thus the whole effort is yours to make. You need to think out of the box and build a creative UI design is what employers demand while hiring. So you need to prepare yourself according to what the market demands.

Look for different Articles to find ways to Become a Good UI Artist:good UI artist

Google is the most powerful tool that can help you learn something right? So why not use this powerful search engine to become a good UI artist as well? There are countless articles floating all over the internet on the UI design topic. If you make a habit of reading one article per day, you’d realize how much information you have gained from there. Below are some of the blog sites which we thought can help you find good quality content about UI designs. You might also be interested in the Qualities of an Amazing UX/UI Designer.

  • Medium.com
  • UX Magazine
  • Smashing Magazine
  • Webdesignernews.com

By visiting these websites every day and looking for good quality content about UI design, we assure you that you will learn something new each day.

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Learn to use all the Major Tools Properly:Major tools

We know there are plenty of tools out there in the market which you can learn to use. So why not identify all the major tools and make a plan to learn to use them? You need to stay updated with the latest version updates and all the new features. You must know that the UI tools are divided into two types, one is the visual designing tools and the other one is the prototyping tools. All the visual designing tools enable you to create wireframes of your UI concept ideas. Some of the very popular visual design tools are mentioned below. Learn more about a Figma megacourse that promises to transform beginners into expert designers with our detailed review, offering essential information for those interested in UI/UX design.

  • Balsamiq
  • Figma
  • Adobe XD
  • Sketch
  • Invision

Then comes the prototyping tools that are going to help you prepare a draft version of the website or app which you have to send to stakeholders for review. These tools are mentioned below. You can also find out  Best Free Web Designing Course and MOOCs .

  • Composite
  • Framer X
  • Fluid UI
  • Axure
  • Marvel

Visual Communication is Also Important:Visual Comunication

If you really want to become a successful UI designer/artist, then know that visual and non-visual communication is very important. You must know that you are a storyteller who has to explain all the goals of your product in the most effective possible manner. You have to be clear enough about why you chose a particular design or what would happen if the initial plan fails? You should have complete control over what you have in mind and how you are going to express it to your team. And this can only happen if you have good communication skills.

Thus these and many other skills are expected by an employer while hiring a UI artist.

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Final Thoughts:

As you can see, being a UI designer or artist needs a variety of skills, and employers while hiring UI artists are expecting many skills in them. So, it is up to you how well you have prepared yourself or how many skills you possess as a UI artist. Therefore, read this topic now and make sure they develop all the above-mentioned skills and never stop learning.