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How to Get a Top Score for the USPS Postal 473 Exam?


If you apply for an entry-level job at the USPS, you will be required to sit for The Postal Exam 473 test. Entry-level jobs at the USPS are jobs like machine operator, mail handling, processing, and postal carrier positions. 

The test assesses if you are capable of working on simple assignments like correctly checking addresses, identifying postal codes correctly, and correctly filling forms. You are also tested on your efficiency, correctness, and your cognitive ability. Although the test might be daunting, these points will help you pass the test. 

Understand the Test Format

Learning the test structure is a vital part of any test preparation. Learning the exam structure will provide you a better knowledge of everything to anticipate on the day of the test. You’ll be able to tell the way the questions are organized and the total number of USPS Assessment score you will be required to get. You will also be knowledgeable on the total number of questions in the test and the areas of expertise you will need to be familiar with. 

The USPS exam 473 is divided into four sections and each section has two sections. For each section, you will be given a varying number of questions and each will be timed differently. For each section, you will be required to go to a specific testing center and take the tests from there except for the Personal Inventory section which you will take from your computer. Here is a curation of best free computer courses to enhance your skills.

Take your time and study 

Even if you understand the USPS test structure well and have all the academic qualifications and experience required, do not rush to go and take the test. Preparation is important because it helps you get ready for the real Postal 473 test. 

Your study time will include practice tests on areas like using coding correctly when assigning addresses and the right way to fill forms. One of the best practice tests to take is the Wonderlic test because it contains the latest versions of questions you might be asked during the Postal 473 test. To be certain that you will do well in the USPS test, you should study harder and try to pass Wonderlic practice test at least in one trial. 

Have a study plan before you apply for a USPS job

You should have in mind that once you apply for the USPS job, the next mandatory thing you will be required to do is take the Postal 473 test and you will only have seven days to complete the test. The seven-day period might not be enough for you to study, take practice tests and sit for the actual test. 

Instead of doing everything in a rush, prepare yourself and have a study plan at least a month before you submit your application. You will have an advantage if you study before you apply for the postal job because you will redo the mock tests as many times as you can until the time you will feel adequately ready to sit for the real exam. 

Take the tests immediately and mind your speed

The first section of your test will be the personal inventory test and once you get the right score in this section, you will be invited to continue with the rest of the sections. USPS will give you a maximum of seven days to complete all the sections and after that, your time will lapse if you fail to complete. 

Once you receive the invite to proceed with the next sections, do not wait until the fourth or fifth day to report to the testing facility. Instead, make contacts with the facility immediately and go for the tests the earliest. You will have a better chance to pass the test and get the job. Try out these practice tests also to validate your skills.

Details are very important 

You must be very keen on details during the test because in one section, you will be given about sixty addresses and you must identify errors within eleven minutes. You must get the details correctly to avoid negative scoring and you must never try to guess answers

You will be competing against many other applicants and you should aim for the highest scores. Furthermore, be keen on details when taking the form filling test, coding, memory, and the personal characteristics test.