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How Can Your Presentation Make a Good Impression on Remote Real Estate Agents?


First impressions last, and if you’re presenting to a real estate agent that you want to recruit to your company, you need to make a lasting good impression. Now, it’s increasingly apparent that the recruitment and workplace trends are rapidly changing, and one of the most drastic developments that many real estate companies are coming to terms with is the increasing number of real estate talents who prefer to work from home. By maximizing today’s digital technology, it’s certainly possible to carry out the majority of the work of a real estate agent from one’s home office. If your company is open to maintaining such a setup with your agents, then you have much to benefit from recruiting remote talents.

Work-from-home real estate agents have a different environment compared to traditional talents who spend much of their time in the office or meeting with prospective clients. It makes sense, then, that these agents will want to join a real estate company that understands the nuances of the work setup they prefer. If you’re still in the process of putting together a recruitment presentation for your company or if you’re updating your existing slides, you can learn more about the basics of this task from GetBrokerKit. However, if you’re planning to prepare a presentation specifically for recruiting home-based real estate agents, you need to include the following elements:

Flexible Work Hours Setup

There are many pros and cons that come with working from home, and at times, the thin line between the personal and the professional can get blurry. Real estate agencies and other companies must be fully aware of these possibilities, and they must set up boundaries that work well with their remote agents. On the other hand, the overlap between the personal and the professional can be a good thing, as it enables real estate agents to keep flexible hours whenever needed. If one or more of their clients can only respond to calls after hours and they are capable of accommodating the said client, then real estate agents can work with their agency in setting their schedule. Does your agency allow such accommodations? If so, then your prospective recruit may appreciate that they can set their schedule as long as they get the work done on time.

Remote Workers

Business Tools for Remote Agents

What tools and services can your agency offer real estate talents who are working remotely? Will they have access to cloud services so that they can maximize the same tools that your office-based agents use on a daily basis? Also, if they encounter any technical problems while using the company’s technological resources, can they rely on a support team to help them navigate complications with their tools from a distance? It’s a great idea to include a list of tools, services, and support measures that your prospective recruits will have access to when they join their company. This will help them establish the level of adjustment that they need to make should they decide to join your agency.

Opportunities for Collaboration

How will your home-based real estate agents collaborate with the rest of your agency? Are there events and tools that your agency specifically uses to connect with agents for mentoring and learning opportunities? If a remote agent is capable of spending time in the office, what accommodations do you have to ensure that they can reach their full level of productivity during their stay? Do you have extra workstations for them in case they come over? Also, it’s a good time to bring up the events and activities hosted by your company, as this helps the prospective recruit get a good grasp of the culture that you’re trying to foster for both office- and home-based agents.

Guidelines for Remote Workers

If you accept remote workers in your agency, what rules and guidelines should an agent adhere to? Are they expected to have a dedicated room for work, one where they are less likely to be disturbed by children, pets, or partners while they’re on the clock? In case an agent’s personal life interferes with a client call or a meeting, what consequences, if any, should they expect? Being clear with these guidelines can help you stay on the same page with your new agents.

You can communicate that you’re seeing eye-to-eye with your prospective remote sales agents by including how you plan to support remote workers in your real estate agent recruitment presentation. Indicating that you understand the unique situation that your prospective recruit is in and would like to maintain moving forward will enable your agency to make a good impression and increase your chances of being strongly considered by the agent as their next company. Make sure to include the aforementioned elements in your recruitment presentation for remote real estate talents and establish the fact that your agency is poised to work with a new generation of highly productive agents, no matter where they may prefer to do their work.