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Graphic Design 2018 | Design 20+ Practical Projects


The scope of graphic designing has increased a lot in the past few years and many people are trying to opt this field. This is the kind of field that has a lot of demand and there is a big market out there who are continuously looking for graphic designers. So we can say that this field can be chosen as a career. But this field also demands a thorough learning and practice. So for those people who wants a career in this field Udemy has introduced a very interesting and helpful course named Graphic design 2018. This course will enable a learner to become a professional in graphic designing field with the help of 20+ practical projects. These projects will cover every section that is included in graphic designing such as how to make logos, how you can make attractive banners and ads. How you can create social media posts and much more. The course is very interesting and can help a beginner to start his career in this field or even a professional to polish his career.

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Who should take this course?

This course is so helpful for all those people who have even a slightest of interest in graphic designing. The course can be taken by a beginner because the instructor has tried to make the course as easy as possible for all those who are beginners and have no prior knowledge of the field just to make it a little easy to understand. Same like those who are professionals and have a good grip in this field can also take this course just to polish their skills and upgrade their level. All you need is a working computer and a good internet access. Once you start with the course, there is no way you’ll leave the course unfinished.

Social proof:

Let us discuss some of the feedback that students who have taken this course has given. The purpose of a social proof is just to help those learners who want to take this course but have no idea whether this course is helpful or not. So a social proof can help them to decide what benefit they can get from the course.

5 star rating:

An amazing course that helped me to design my photos easily.

Before I took this course, I never knew how I can give my photos a professional look. But this course has made me an expert in editing my photos. I love to edit pictures but never done an amazing job in it but now you can call me a professional in editing photographs and so many of my friends also give me their photos to edit too.

Has a lot of valuable information.

This course has a lot of valuable information that most of the graphic designers don’t know of. If you listen to this course from start to end. You are going to find so much terms explained in a very easy way. So I would suggest if you take this course, you should listen to it from start to end.

Easy steps on how you can change your look to Canva.

Before this course, I knew nothing about canva and honestly I always considered canva unattractive. But this course made me learn canva in a very easy way.

The design choices in the course are really amazing and unique.

Graphic designing demands different and unique design making. This course has so many different designs that are not only attractive but also helpful. This shows that the choice of the instructor is very good and up-to-date.

Made me independent of photoshop.

This course has made me independent of photoshop as I continuously had to use photoshop. But the course has taught me so many ways of creating different banners and logos and other ad’s that not I don’t even feel the need to use photoshop.

The instructor is very knowledgeable.

The instructor has so much knowledge about the course and he has tried as hard as possible to share only relevant information so that others can actually learn something from him. It seemed like the instructor knew what he was doing. His accent was easy to understand and the joy that he had on his face while teaching made the course even more valuable.

My experience with this course is amazing.

I can without any hesitation say that my experience of taking this course is amazing. I have enjoyed every second of this course to its best and there wasn’t even a single second where I felt I was getting bored or the information given is unnecessary.

The course is exactly what I expected it to be.

When I bought the course I was hoping it to be amazing and helpful. And this is exactly what happened when I started the course, it turned out to be what I expected. So simple yet thoroughly explained in a beautiful way.

Made me a good graphic designer.

After finishing this course, I can easily say that this course has made me a very good graphic designer. I have become an expert in all those techniques that once I was unaware of. So far a best course.

Lessons are concise and to the point.

The lessons given in this course are concise and to the point and the instructor has not wasted any time on trivial information. This quality of the course has made it even more interesting to take.

4 star rating:

Provides easy tips to do designing.

Graphic designing continuously demands unique ideas and tips. This course has all the tips and techniques that are required to make your designs unique and attractive. Indeed this course has made me a better graphic designer.

Very helpful for wordpress developer.

The course can also turn out to be useful for a wordpress developer as he can learn so many different skills to improve his website or blog with the help of graphics.

A good course for freelancers to enhance their portfolio.

I am a freelancer and all I wanted was to make such a portfolio for myself that can help me become prominent in this field. With this course having so many real life projects, I was able to put it on my portfolio and things became easier for me.

Exciting course so far.

This is a very exciting course so far. I have been able to learn so many new things about graphic designing. There is not even a single term discussed in the course that you can say is irrelevant.

3 star rating:

It has so many things explained that majority of the people already know.

Overall the course is good for those who have absolutely no idea about graphic designing but still there are many terms used in the course that I think most of the people already know.

Some more terms related to graphic designing should have been given.

Though this course has many terms explained in a very easy manner but still I would say that graphic designing is a field that has thousands of terms in it. If we consider this point, then some people would feel the need to demand for more terms to be present in the course. But overall the course is very good and suitable for thousands of people.

2 and 1 star rating:

The instructor is only busy in calling it a wonderful course:

The instructor’s only focus is to tell the students how wonderful or fantastic the course is which is kind of annoying.


Now let us discuss some of the alternatives that we have against this course. The alternatives can help a learner to choose easily.

Graphic design boot camp:

This course is also a good choice for developing or improving skills in graphic designing field. The course is project-based and it helps the learners to create different posters, banners, logos and many other different designs for websites etc. the course has 15.5 hour video and every section of the course is very interesting and teaches new concepts and terms. This course is specially made for the beginners. And it has a very excellent rating of 4.6. So click on the below link to get it now.


Graphic design masterclass-learn great design:

Graphic design masterclass course enables a learner to learn all the skills to master in design, design theory, illustrator, photo shop and much more. The course has an amazing rating of 4.6 this shows that this course has been praised by so many people and also it has helped learners learning all the skills there are about graphic designing in a very understandable way. This course is a complete package. So click on the below link to get it now.



We can conclude this review by saying that with graphic designing having so much demand in this modern era, everyone who have interest in this field can choose this field as a professional or freelancing career with the help of these courses. These course can not only help the learner become an expert but also are available at a discounted prices so that every student can afford to buy it. So take this course now and enter in the world of graphic designing where you will get so many opportunities to learn everything there is about graphic designing.

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