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Finding the best PMP Exam Simulator in 3 easy steps?


We live in such a world where we face variety in every aspect. Whether you are interested in taking an online course or want to get admission to a College. Looking for the best training institute or simply want the best tutor for yourself. There are thousands of options for you to choose from. This might look like a blessing at first. But if you think deeply, this variety in everything can cause a lot of problems in actually deciding what you want. The same problem is faced when selecting a PMP exam simulator as well.

Knowing the importance of PMP certification and how much successful it can make a person. The majority of you are interested in getting one. And that is why there are a variety of top institutes that are working day in day out to provide the best learning material. It includes providing the PMP exam simulator too. So the question comes is which provider should you choose? Apparently every provider has their reasons to choose them but how would you know which one is most beneficial?

Well no worries, because takethiscourse.net has made quite an effort by gathering the features of the top 5 PMP exam simulator providers. By taking a look at the features of all these 5 providers. You can easily compare the features and pricing and then decide which goes most suitable for you.

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So let us take a look at what we have gathered for you.

Top 5 PMP exam simulator providers:

Master of Project Academy

This institute is an e-learning company that is located in New York. Since its inception in 2012, it has managed to support more than 50,000 professionals globally. Its PMP exam simulators are available in different packages and features. The details of which are given below.


  • The Master of project academy offers 7 PMP exam simulators.
  • Each exam contains 200 questions.
  • This means that the 7 exams contain total of 1400 questions.


  • There is a monthly and a lifetime package available.
  • Monthly plan: You have to pay $45 per month to get access to the PMP exam simulators.
  • Lifetime access: With this package, you only have to pay $145 to get lifetime access to all the PMP exam simulators.


Takethiscourse.net is among the best PMP exam simulator providers there are. This institute has been providing the best PMP training for years. As of this time, it is offering different PMP practice exams and the following are the details.


Takethiscourse.net offers 5 PMP exam simulators.

  • Each exam has 200 practical scenario-based questions.
  • Thereby there are 1000+ practical scenario-based questions that you can solve.


There are two different packages here.

  • Standard package: you get unlimited access to 200 questions for 30 days for the price of $4.99.
  • Premium package: unlimited access to 1000+ questions for 30 days will be given. And for the price of $11.99.


The EduHubSpot is famous for providing both online and in-person PMP and CAPM training. Offering PMP exam simulators is different packages and features enable you to decide conveniently what is suitable for you.


  • It offers 4 PMP exam simulators.
  • Each exam comprises 200 questions.
  • Another option to add further 275 chapter questions is also available.


  • The test package in which you get access to all the 4 PMP exam simulators is available in $59.99.
  • You get access to the PMP exam simulators for 90 full days.
  • The price of additional 275 questions is $14.99.
PMP Formulas

Here is the list of some important PMP Exam formulas :

PMP Exam Formulas


Prepcast is a training institute that is known best for providing downloadable training videos. The institute gives a standout factor you need to prepare for the PMP exam. The following are the details of the PMP exam simulators it offers.


  • There are two PMP exam simulators offered.
  • Each exam is going to have 800 questions.
  • Thus you get access to a total of 1600 questions.


Two packages are offered as of this time.

  • One is of $139 which gives access to 1600+ questions for 90 days.
      • With that, you get the facility of getting live feedback on the questions.
  • The other package is of $299 which gives access to 1600+ questions for 90 days.
  • Other features included in this package are 35 contact hours certificate.
  • Live feedback.
  • PM Prepcast elite training course.

PMP Prep Courses

PM Training

The PM training as we speak is an award-winning PMP training and exam preparation class, provider. Founded by Christopher Scordo, it has been serving people like you for years now. It offers professional PMP exam simulators at different prices and features. The details of which are given below.


  • It includes 20 condensed PMP mock exams which cover ten knowledge are
  • The PMP practice exams contain over 1000+ questions.


  • You can get access to these 1000+ in just $68.
  • These questions can be solved as many times as you want for 90 full days.


By taking a look at the features and price of all these 5 PMP exam simulator providers, you can easily pick any platform. Each platform has its unique features to offer. Some might be a little costly while others are available at reasonable rates.

For example, PrepCast is offering 1600+ questions at a price of $139. Whereas, Master of project academy has 1400+ questions to offer at $45 which is less costly. Similarly, EduHubSpot is giving you access to 800 questions at $59.99. Contrarily, takethiscourse.net has 1000+ updated questions for you at a very low cost of $24.99. Making takthiscourse.net a more convenient and affordable platform to prepare for the PMP certification.

Thus it is up to you to decide which platform is most suitable for you. In the end, all the 5 platforms are equally competitive and helpful. So decide now and never stop learning.