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Amanda Papaleo – Financial Analyst

She was a real estate intern at Houlihan Lawrence and Diamond Properties and her work there led her to an internship at Bank of America. As a real estate intern, she had to show skills like flexibility and good communication with clients and these qualities got her noticed by people. But that is not just it; her experience in real estate allowed her to realize how much interested she is in marketing. So, she along with her major in business administration with a concentration in finance decided on a minor in marketing.

Her continuous hard work, determination, and interest in giving back to the community turned out to be rewarding, and “A Moment of Magic Foundation named Papaleo Fordham University’s Emerging Leader of the year”.

Intern at Bank of America

As we have mentioned earlier, Papaleo worked as an intern at Bank of America. There she was given different tasks every day and what made her come this far was consistency and the ability to adapt to change. She got to work in the treasury on the global market capital management team. There she got a chance to expand her network and acquired a deep understanding of enterprise capital management.

Each day a new challenge awaited her there and she tried to accomplish it in the best possible manner. All this hard work helped her develop many important skills and got her noticed by the upper administration who then decided to make her a permanent employee and not just an intern.

Financial Analyst at Bank of America

In June 2019, she got to reap the benefits of all the qualities she has been working as a full-time financial analyst at Bank of America. This is the story of an ordinary girl named Amanda Papaleo, who found her true passion and stick to it till she got what she always wanted. Our deep dive into Financial Analyst and Investing Course offers an insightful analysis for those considering advancing their skills in the finance sector.


Holly Leung – Group Financial Analyst

She only joined JETS after discovering her interest in business and wanted to gain technical skills and experience in managing a business. She worked for some time at a small Hong Kong local social enterprise where she was given the task to set up a new branch of the enterprise. JETS turned out to be the only program that could provide her with the training she needed in business management. The program gave her the all-rounded exposure she wanted for so long. And all this led her to a full-time job at Jardine Restaurant as a Group Financial Analyst.

Working at Jardines

In the beginning, she worked on revamping Zung Fu’s orientation program for new joiners. She put together a team and started reviewing company policies and developing employee engagement projects.

Then she was rotated to the CE Office where she first got to work under Benjamin Birks and then CEO of Zung Fu and then during the establishment of Jardine International Motors. All these events were a great opportunity for her to learn and participate in these critical projects. She gained experience by working with senior leaders and witnessing all the critical decision-making first-hand.

Then, in her second year at Jardine, she was asked to join Jardine Restaurant Group as a Group Financial Analyst but this happened right during the budget season. It was another amazing opportunity for her as she got to work with leaders in putting together the 2020 budget.

She also participated in a key project- Project Fuel which is a Zero Based Budgeting project with a consulting company Bain. There she led a cost package and was able to identify various cost optimization opportunities.

Currently, she has been rotated to Pizza Hut operations and since then she has been working on introducing a digital A.I. sales forecasting and rostering tool for all her stores across Hong Kong and Taiwan. Holly’s current work is a PM role where she has to communicate a lot with both external and internal stakeholders. She does that via emails and meetings where she decides and recommends the next course of action. Similarly, our current job role demands a lot of problem-solving and stakeholder management.

This is how Holly Leung with her continuous hard work and patience managed to get to where she is today.

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