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EIT Food
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EIT Food is what we know Europe’s leading food innovation initiative that is working tirelessly to make the food system more healthy, trusted, and sustainable. The aim of this initiative is to build a future-fit food system by accelerating innovation and making sure that healthy and sustainable food is provided to all.

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EIT Food

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EIT Food

More about EIT Food:

EIT is supported by EU and they invest in different projects, organizations, and individuals who also share the same goal as EIT, to provide a healthy and sustainable food system. What they do is unlock innovation potential in different businesses and universities. By creating and scaling Agri-food startups, they bring out new technologies and products in the market. Similarly, they also equip professionals and entrepreneurs with all the required skills to transform the food system. So, the purpose behind this entire struggle is to provide the best and sustainable food system.

What Does EIT Food Offer?

EIT offers different programs, projects, courses, and research works to help consumers not only understand but trust the food system. The aim here is to make individuals capable enough to use their knowledge to drive the future transformation of the food system.

EIT Food Core Theme:

To be able to build a better food system for people, EIT is working hard and has different food activities to help them achieve this goal. Below are the names of some of the EIT food core themes.

  • Consumer Trust
  • Digitalization
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Food Production
  • Food Safety and Quality
  • Food Technology
  • Learning & Development
  • New Product Development
  • Sustainability

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EIT Major Projects:


Finding ways as to how EIT can contribute towards building a better food system for Europe.


In the education project, you can find different courses and programs to enroll in. From gaining an understanding of sustainable food production to discovering the fascinating world of food science, you can learn so much about the food system here.


This project has opportunities for individuals to understand how to transform innovative ideas and research breakthroughs into market-validated business propositions. From providing services like training, mentoring, coaching, and networking opportunities for women entrepreneurs to team up with co-founders to create impactful Agrifood startups. There are many things for entrepreneurs to learn from this project.

Public Engagement:

This project has resources for others to understand how they can focus on co-creating initiatives for increasing consumer trust in food. With that, there are projects that can encourage agricultural stakeholders to not only understand but adopt farming technique and technologies.

Regional Innovation Scheme:

This scheme offers a great opportunity to help Europe understand and address the human and climate health. With that, it also considers the financial well-being of farmers.

Cross KIC:

This cross KIC project targets Western Balkans stakeholders to not only widen EIT and KICs outreach in the region but also engage local actors in education, policy activities, and entrepreneurship which are offered by KIC.


The COVID19 BEAMitup is going to help develop a diagnostic tool that can enhance the on-site testing capacities of surfaces for the food industries. The aim here is to detect contamination thereby playing its part towards the security and resilience of the European Agrifood system.

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