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Course Review: How to Draw Superheroes – Male Proportions

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  • Robert Marzullo via Skillshare
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  • Study Level: Beginner

This class is all about learning to draw superheroes like a professional. The instructor has explained a lot of techniques to help you draw different types of superheroes. With the help of engaging content and examples, you can improve your drawing skills and take it to the next level.


The skills that you shall gain from this class are relevant to;

  • Illustration
  • Comic Art
  • Concept Art
  • Creative
  • Book Design
  • Comics
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Based on learner reviews we believe;

  • The content is well-structured.
  • All the lessons are informational and highly engaging.
  • Examples turned out to be very helpful.
  • Can help professional artists improve their drawing skills.

What will you learn in this course?

Enrolling in this class will help you learn;

  • How to draw the front view of male superhero proportions?
  • What is the correct way to apply anatomy to the front view?
  • Similarly, you will learn to draw the side view in detail.
  • After that, you will be taught how to make different adjustments.
  • Then, the instructor will talk about how to draw the back view.

Pros and Cons:


  • Taught by a highly experienced instructor.
  • Offers helpful illustrations.
  • Quick response from the instructor.


  • Not enough practice material.

What People Are Saying About this Course:

  • For all those people who are working on comics, this is a very good class to enroll in. The examples were quite helpful and almost all the lessons were very engaging and highly informational. Thus I can recommend this class to all those interested. (Star Secret).
  • This class has without any doubt exceeded my expectations. The instructor was great, the content was outstanding and easy to understand and follow. (Dave Williams).
  • After completing this class, I have now gained a very good understanding of drawing superheroes. Will definitely keep this in my saved logs in case I need some guidance in the future. (Nan Nan Yaka).
  • Before enrolling in this class, I was having trouble drawing make superheroes. But as soon as I took this class, everything started to fall in place. Now I can draw all of them efficiently. (Roth Tribe).
  • The class offers very valuable tips that can be applied while drawing anything. I really enjoyed enrolling in this class. (Ddron Griffin).

Is this Course worth taking?

This course is specifically for those individuals out there who are interested in learning to draw male proportions of a superhero. So, if you are that person then this course can be a good option for you as it is quite engaging and has informational content.

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Alternate Courses:

Having doubts about whether or not you should enroll in this course? Or looking for something else? Below are some alternatives you can consider in this regard. Note that, our experts try to find the most suitable alternatives to our main course. And thus whatever you choose for yourself from these options would lead to a great learning experience.

Illustration for Comics: Anatomy of a Superhero

This class is somewhat relevant to our main class as it also focuses on the anatomy of a superhero. Here you will be taught how to draw skeletons and muscles etc of your characters. You will learn to draw superhero anatomy that is used in comics and the main aim here is to help you get to grips with the proportions of the human figure.

What makes this course different from our main one is that it also focuses on the different proportions of the human figure to be used in building your character be it a normal proportion or a superhero.

The Art & Science of Figure Drawing: GESTURE

This course talks about what you need to do for drawing dynamic expressive figures in detail. Here you will be taught how to capture the action of any pose. This course is different in a way as it teaches you to assemble the parts of the figure into a dynamic whole. With that, you will learn to draw the different parts of the figure including hands, feet, head, and neck. Thus taking this course will teach you to draw different figures like a pro.

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