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All about Charismatic Leadership Theory


Charismatic authority is known best to be a concept of leadership that was developed by the German sociologist Max Weber. This type of leadership involves a type of organization in which authority is derived from the charisma of a particular leader. Now, this stands in contrast to two other types of authority. One is the legal authority and the other one being the traditional authority. It’s recommended to take the best online courses to influence and persuade.

The charismatic leadership style always depends on two important factors. Charm and persuasiveness of the leader and all the charismatic leaders are driven by their own commitment and convictions to their cause. Charismatic leaders are often referred to as transformational leaders. It is because these leaders have the tendency to share multiple similarities and their main difference is focus and audience. These leaders often indulge themselves in making the status quo better. Transformational leaders on the other hand focus on transforming organizations into the leader’s vision. You can check out more about foundation of everyday leadership here.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was a well-recognized charismatic leader who used three tools to bring positive change in the lives of millions of people. These three tools were powerful oratory, an engaging personality, and unwavering commitment.

Who Developed the Charismatic Leadership Theory?

Charismatic leadership theory was presented or developed by a German sociologist named Max Webber. He claims that charismatic leadership is the one in which authority is derived from the charisma of the leader.

Characteristics of Charismatic Leadership?

Following are some of the prominent characteristics of Charismatic Leadership.


Charismatic leaders always possess extraordinary communication skills. Having such communication skills enables them to motivate employees through tough times and also helps them stay focused and to the point when things are going well and as planned. With that, these types of leaders are also able to communicate comfortably in one-to-one communication or a group setting as well.


Charismatic leadership need to have a sense of humility if they expect to perform well. They need to place a lot of value on each one of their employees and also be determined enough to listen to their concerns. The leader should be devoted enough to convince his employees that their work brings a lot of value to the organization and that they are well-respected.


Of all the characteristics a charismatic leadership has, maturity is one of them. It means that a charismatic leader does not believe in empty showmanship. Instead, he tries to draw on his wisdom and knowledge that he has accumulated over the past years of business experience. Precisely, he behaves in a mature and responsible manner at all times.


A successful charismatic leader is also very compassionate. Charisma alone might not be enough to run an organization effectively as it can disintegrate into mere hero worship. That is why other qualities like compassion, integrity, honesty, and fortitude must also be reflected in a charismatic leader.

Positive Body Language:

If you are an employee of a charismatic leadership then one of the most obvious things you’ll notice is that your leader would be very warm, open, and has a positive body language. Well, these qualities will attract you towards the leader. Such leaders always make eye contact while talking, they smile, and introduce themselves with full zest to strangers. This makes them quite unique and likable.


Self-confidence is the most important characteristic that every leader must possess. And it really goes without saying that charismatic leaders are truly confident. They are known to be the glass half full of kind people and tend to be comfortable with who they are. They don’t pretend to be someone they’re not but stays comfortable in being the best version of themselves.


No leader likes to be corrected right? It’s against their will and hurt their ego. But this is not the case with charismatic leaders as they are open to getting better. He knows that there are certain qualities that make him who he is and then there are some qualities that he may lag. And that is why he is open enough to improve himself continuously. We have discussed ways to develop leadership skills in another article here.

Why is Charismatic Leadership Important?

Clearly, this type of leadership gets more people to be on you and your organization’s side and perform well for the betterment of all associated. So it is clear enough that this leadership possesses quite an importance.
Charismatic leaders inspire their employees to believe in themselves and know their potential which in return boosts employee’s confidence in themselves.

Charismatic leaders give their teams a purpose or a vision that is clear to all.
These types of leaders have the tendency to stay calm even in bad times and make everyone see the positive side even in darkness. They spread positivity no matter what the organization is facing which makes the employees stay on track.

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A Charismatic leader has everything in him that can make the organization perform well so we can say that this leadership style should be adopted by all the leaders who have to take care of an organization or team. So learn now what Charismatic leadership is and the skills that this leader has and never stop learning. Whether you decide to enroll in a Free Online course with Certificates and study at your ease and pace or enroll in a Charismatic Leadership Theory courses where you have to follow a proper schedule.

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