Over the past few years, Cisco certifications have become quite popular and in fact, they are now considered to be some of the most valuable certifications there are in the IT industry. When we talk about the Cisco certifications, there are two most important ones that are worth mentioning here. These are CCNP Training and CCNA Training. So if you want to further your career, then earning one of these cisco certifications is what you need. And that is why we are going to talk about both these certifications today. In this article, we compare CCNA vs CCNP. Our leading Cisco certification courses for CCIE are crafted to offer you a comprehensive learning journey, covering all the essentials.


The Cisco Certified Network Associate mostly known as CCNA is known to be one of the most highly reputed entry-level networking certifications in the industry. This certification is suitable for people who have 1 to 2 years of experience in network engineering. The best thing about this certification is that it is very affordable. It aims to offer enthusiasts and beginners who have some experience in networking an associate-level certification. Still undecided on the best path for your networking career? Explore our in-depth comparison here and find clarity on the CCNA and Network+ certifications.

All those students who have an interest in gaining the CCNA have to undergo testing and training in maintaining, installing, and troubleshooting Cisco’s medium networking devices. With that, students will also be tested in the troubleshooting and installation of end-to-end networking. Thus, you need to prepare well for this certification.


Below are some important exam details that you need to know while preparing for the certification exam.

First, you should know that there are no prerequisites for the CCNA certification and you will have a choice between the following exams.


One option is to take the 200-120-CCNA interconnecting cisco networking devices: Accelerated (CCNAX) exam.


And then there is another option which is to take 100-101 ICND1 interconnecting cisco networking devices part 1 (ICND1).

Or 200-101 ICND2 interconnecting cisco networking devices part 2 (ICND2).

So this is complete detail about CCNA Course. So Now its upon you wich is best certification while comparing CCNA vs CCNP.


CCNP is known to be the Cisco Certified Network Professional certification that is suitable for IT professionals. Those IT professionals who have one year of experience in professional networking are the ones to make the most out of this certification. With that, a high school diploma or degree equivalent to that is also mandatory.

Along with IT professionals, this certification is also suitable for such professionals who intend to seek specialized training programs. It can be in implementing, planning, and maintaining Cisco’s wide range of high-end network solution products. Now if we talk about the certification curriculum then you’d know that it consist of different courses. And each course covers the very basics of IT networking. Some of these CCNP Courses are mentioned below.

  • Cisco remote access.
  • Scalable internet works.
  • Cisco advanced routing.
  • Cisco multilayer switching.
  • Converged network optimization.

CCNP Exam Details

To become eligible for taking the exam, you need to have a CCNA certification. The CCNP certification has 3 exams the names of which are mentioned below.

  • 300-101 ROUTE Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE).
  • 300-101 ROUTE Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH).
  • 300-135 TSHOOT troubleshooting and maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT).

So this is complete detail about CCNP So Now its upon you wich is best certification while comparing CCNA vs CCNP.

An Obvious Difference between CCNA and CCNP(CCNA vs CCNP)

To be very precise, the main difference between the two is that CCNA certification is the associate-level certification. It tests professionals on both switching and routing fundamentals. On the other hand, CCNP is an advanced-level certification. It requires a deeper understanding of WANs and LANs and how they both work together.

Moreover, the CCNP certification is known well to be more senior out of these two Cisco certification levels. It is because this certification delves much more in-depth and broader into the workings of networking.


After reading this CCNA VS CCNP comparison topic, you now know what both the CISCO certifications are and their purpose. And thus it is now clear that if you want to earn a CCNP certification then you first need to work on getting the CCNA certification. And those who already have a CCNA certification can then move to the next level which is to prepare for the CCNP certification exam.