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Perfect Career Path To Becoming A Video Editor


If you want to tell a story or share information with the world, there is no better way than by creating a beautiful video. Simply putting a video together will not work, though. You will have to revise, edit and enhance the content to make it appealing to the target audience. 

Hence, it makes sense to take on the role of a video editor and integrate the rough footage so that it comes together beautifully in the form of an inciting script. Use a quality editor such as InVideo, Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro to weave magic that is sure to touch the hearts of the audience you have in mind.

There are several types of video editors, each pursuing a different objective. Some of the most exciting and popular professions vis-à-vis editing of videos include:

1. Advertising & Marketing Editors

It is imperative to meet the client and discuss the end goal. You have the freedom to choose the techniques and software to use, but the task before you involves much more than blindly following the client’s words. Sure, you need to focus on the story. Do so by compiling the essential clips in the right order so that you can create a seamless transition with no interruptions.

Remember that the client’s way of doing things may not be feasible or the best way to go about it. Teach the client how to bring out the best from the raw footage and compel the end-user to think favorably about the product/service you intend on selling. It is vital to chalk out a plan and organize the task by doing the following:

  1. Categorize the footage– Collect every bit of content you have amassed and organize it carefully in a single folder.
  2. First edit – Create the first video by adding clips, texts, graphics, audio and music. Check the transition and view the storyline. Feel free to confer with your client to get the ‘go-ahead.’
  3. Rough draft– It is time to fine-tune the process. Go through the rough video endlessly, taking care to note the discrepancies. Ask for feedback from your team members or friends. Add and eliminate clips as and when needed. Be ready with the first draft depicting the entire story and have the client view it.
  4. Final video– Reveal the final version to the client and take heed of the feedback received. You would want to edit the video accordingly to have it approved.

2. Independent Contractor/Editor

As an independent video editor, you work for yourself and put your expertise to good use by earning a living. However, the basics of the job remain the same. You have to shoulder some extra responsibilities as well. Remember, you need to promote your video editor skills and spread the word about your availability. Do not neglect the tasks at hand, though. A good job done will impress your clients and compel them to provide you with repeat projects.

3. Editing Videos for Television / Films

Editing for television and films sounds glamorous. Unfortunately, it involves a lot of hard work and an enormous investment of time. Your career path will be painstaking and slow. The trick is not to get frustrated and branch out into another career midway. The entertainment industry can be challenging, and you have to learn the ropes about progressing step-by-step.

You may be hired as a production assistant initially. The next step is to become an apprentice to a senior video editor in the unit or the production company. You have to reveal your expertise gradually, earning the position of a senior editor eventually. This profession is no different from others, where connections and personal friendships go a long way in securing your future.

However, do not lose focus. Be prepared to follow the director’s vision while editing the video. The details are likely to change when you decide to edit a reality show, scripted show or news broadcast. It helps when you remain at the top of the game and are confident in your skills. One vital tool that may assist with this exacting task is the ability to transcribe video to text. This skill allows you to pinpoint precise segments of dialogue for modification or in some cases deletion, helping you to more effectively and accurately construct the envisioned narrative. It can also aid in understanding the finer nuances of the project you are working on, providing a text-based reference that may facilitate easier revision and collaboration. 

Road To Follow

Check all the avenues and ask yourself where your interest lies. There is no harm in starting small. Feel free to take baby steps initially by opting to do small commercials and wedding videos. 

Do heed the following points to carve a fulfilling career in video editing:

  • Beginning– Remember that video creation and editing may be unavoidable today, but the arena is intensely competitive. Become a third assistant to a senior editor if you have to. Stay close to your boss and watch his every move while catering to the team unabashedly. Make friends and clarify your doubts by asking for advice as and when needed. A little networking never hurt anyone. So, go ahead and develop connections that will enable you to climb the ladder slowly but steadily.
  • Knowledge– There is no end to learning. Your technique of creating spectacular videos and editing them to perfection will improve with time. You have to upgrade yourself constantly to keep up with advancements in technology. Build on your experience and add to your portfolio until you are in a position to call the shots. Do not fail to take on a low-paying job if it allows you to experiment freely and develop your skills.
  • Patience – Nothing will happen overnight. So, be prepared to bide your time. You may have oodles of talent, but you will have to wait patiently until the right opportunity presents itself.

Final Thoughts

Video editing is a job unlike any other. Success is not instantaneous in this field. You may have to start small, but adapting yourself and upgrading your skills constantly will enable you to taste success eventually. Have faith in yourself and meet every challenge head-on! Good Luck!