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Best Ways to Study Online to Become a Hebrew Translator


Hebrew is one of the most intriguing languages in the world. It has a rich history and its modern iteration has its place in the commercial world and the tech industry. If you want to study Hebrew then you can definitely find opportunities for a career in translation.

While studying in a university setting might be preferable to some, you can also learn Hebrew online. This article will discuss some of the best platforms online where you can learn the Hebrew language on the internet on your path to becoming a translator.

Why Should You Become a Hebrew Translator

Hebrew might not be one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, but there are plenty of reasons to learn it. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should learn Hebrew and eventually join a company that offers Hebrew translation services or be a freelancer. You can choose to study Classical Hebrew and work on historical documents or learn Modern Hebrew and translate to Hebrew from English or vice versa.

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Classical Hebrew

Hebrew is one of the oldest languages in the world. Classical Hebrew is the language in which the Old Testament and other holy scriptures were written originally. By learning Classical Hebrew, you can study Jewish history and culture.

You can also gain access to ancient scriptures in the way that they were originally written. You can translate from the original scriptures if you want to.

Modern Hebrew

There are around 9 million Hebrew speakers around the world today. They speak a modernized version of the Hebrew language. Don’t be deceived by the small number of Hebrew speakers because the language plays an important role in the world of commerce and technology.

Because Israel is one of the most important economies of the Middle East and is known as a hub for startup companies, Hebrew translators are very much in demand.

Best Ways to Learn Hebrew Online

We have established that learning Hebrew is worth your while. You will not be lacking in opportunities when you study this language. The question now is where do you go to study Hebrew?

Going to a regular school can be too expensive. Fortunately, there are online opportunities for you. We have listed the best online platforms where you can study Hebrew.


If you’re a fan of online courses then you have heard of Udemy before. Udemy is a very popular platform for online courses. It’s one of the go-to platforms for those looking to study Hebrew online. Udemy currently serves over 300,000 Hebrew students and that number is continuously increasing.

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One of the best things about Udemy is the large number of Hebrew language courses that it can offer to students. Because of the large array of courses, students can choose the one which is best suited to their needs.

The courses there are paid but they do offer a money-back guarantee. But because they have real expert instructors, you don’t really need the money-back guarantee.

However, the vast number of options is also a downside. Some students find the options to be a bit overwhelming.  Also, the quality of the courses there varies greatly. You will have to spend extra time finding the course that is perfect for you.

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HebrewPod101 is a platform that connects Hebrew students with experienced Hebrew language teachers. The teachers are supposedly given a roadmap that they can follow when teaching their language students.

The lessons on the platform are grouped thematically which can be a problem for some students. If you are looking for a more traditional setup for your lessons, then this is probably not the platform for you.

If you like to create your own learning path the HebrewPod101 is going to be a good site for you. However, that kind of approach is not for everybody.


Pimsleur follows a different path when compared with the other platforms that we have listed here. It is selling a method for learning a language, not just a simple course. The Pimsleur method uses recall, which places a demand on the student to really focus and study. If you are not confident that you can spend time when learning on this platform then this might not be right for you.

The method the platform uses also relies on audio lessons. The lack of visual components can be off-putting for some students. Another problem with this platform is that the courses they offer are very expensive.

Mango Languages

Mango Languages has a unique approach when it comes to language learning. They use chunking approaches to language learning. The site avoids grammar lessons which can be challenging for some. Instead, it focuses on textual chunks that are highlighted in different colors that can help students to recall the lessons.

Another advantage of the platform is that it is beautifully designed. That look makes it easier for the students to learn the lessons.


Apps rule the internet now. One of the most popular language-learning apps is Duolingo. The app is very easy to use. While it does not provide an in-depth method of learning, Duolingo is an ideal platform for those who want to become familiar with the language without getting in too deep.

If you are just after to jumpstart your Hebrew learning and maybe expand your vocabulary, then Duolingo is perfect for you.

While Duolingo may seem too simple for you but it is very effective for the simpler goals of Hebrew language learning.

These are just some of the best platforms where you can learn Hebrew to become a translator. Not all of these platforms will provide you with a comprehensive lesson, enough that you can become a Hebrew translator. Some of these platforms are just enough to get your journey in learning Hebrew jumpstarted.

If you are serious about becoming a Hebrew translator, then you don’t stop your studies when you are finished with the courses on this platform. Learning a language is never ending because language itself is an ever-evolving creature.