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9 Best Influencer Marketing Courses to Scale up Your Marketing Game


The power of influencer marketing is undeniable. A third-party endorsement is more significant than any money you will spend on advertising. Brands that utilize influencer marketing report an 89% ROI. It, therefore, makes sense that many companies are allocating bigger budgets to such campaigns. 

However, it can be challenging to find the right influencer. Not knowing how to measure the ROI also presents its difficulties. Instagram stories and YouTube videos are the best platforms to use. But, how do you pick the best one for your business?  

The only way to ensure success with influencer marketing is to learn how to do it well. Signing up for the best influencer marketing courses will help you scale your marketing game. You might be also need to check best CPA marketing training classes.

You must read these useful tips for creating online courses here.

We will share 9 of the ones you should consider for your influencer marketing campaigns.   

ADInfluencer Marketing Strategy

      • RUTGERS – The State University of New Jersey via Coursera
      • 23 hourse of effort required
      • 22,369+ students enrolled
      • ★★★★★ (103 Ratings)

Best Influencer Marketing Courses 

According to LinkDoctor, you can significantly increase brand awareness with the right influencer. Imagine link building on an influencer website that has millions of followers. 

The chances of getting organic traffic to your site increase instantly. The direct result is the opportunity to get leads that you can convert into customers.  

Here are our recommendations for courses to sign up for. 

Introduction To Influencer Marketing 

Introduction to Influencer Marketing is the brainchild of Murray Legg. You get tons of information on the fundamentals and benefits of influencer marketing. It also covers setting up campaigns and finding the best influencers. You learn how to make influencer marketing a part of your digital and overall campaigns. The course features an on-demand video that runs for 1.5 hours.  

Price – $24.99 

Instagram Marketing; Grow Your Online Business

Do you want to know how to grow your brand on Instagram? Instagram marketing courses have tons to teach you. Learn how to grow organic audiences for free. Educate yourself on how to use passive styles to get sponsorships from Brands. Get tips and tricks on how to convert and maintain loyalty and customers. You might be interested in Online free Facebook courses at takethiscourse platform.

Price – $89.88, but keep checking for discounts on Udemy. 

Influencer Marketing 101 

Start learning about influencer marketing with this free course from Influencer Marketing Hub. The course is pretty in-depth and incorporates fantastic tips from authority leaders. The creator uses 10 modules in the form of PDF and video content. At the end of each, you get a quiz to test your understanding. You can also check out the Best Marketo Certification Courses

Price – free

Influencer Marketing Strategies 

The Influencer Marketing Strategies will teach you how to become an influencer. You learn tips on picking the right niche. Other areas are branding and how to use outreach work to grow your passion.  

You will need a WordPress platform for this course. The training gives tips on the best plugins, email newsletters, and stats tracking. The course also covers how to create awareness with the right partnerships.   

There is a section that covers SEO. But, also take a minute to check out what this Denver SEO company has to offer. You can be sure of better rankings on the search engines with the tips you get.  

Price – 129.99, but check out for discounts on the Udemy platform.

Influencer Marketing on a Small Business Budget 

Not every business has the financial capacity for huge marketing spend. That is why this course is particularly important. It shows you that influencer marketing is possible even on a small budget. 

The Creator Michelle LeBlanc has made the influencer marketing course beginner-friendly. It makes it ideal for smaller companies or startups. You will need to open a Skillshare account to get access to the course.  

Price – $19 per month for the account

Influencer Marketing Masterclass 

Influencer Marketing Masterclass is a creation of Boot Camp Digital. It explores the value of influencers to businesses. You learn how to create and execute plans. The creators take you through the process of choosing, validating, and recruiting the best influencers. 

Most importantly, they teach you how to measure the success of your campaigns. With over 50 training videos and other formats, there is a lot TO gain from the course. You can also checkout the Digital Marketing executive training.

Price – $97

Influencer Marketing Masterclass to Grow your eCommerce Biz 

The Influencer Marketing Masterclass belongs to Kyle Hamar and Jason Miles.  Learn everything to know about sales and traffic scaling with influencer marketing. 

They also teach you to go beyond the use of one platform to increase your reach. The duo promises proven results for every dollar you spend on advertising. 

You need to have some basic background in online marketing and sales as a requirement.  

Price – $94.99

Influencer Marketing Mastery 

Influencer Marketing Mastery focuses on creating marketing strategies using influencers.  It looks at long-term campaigns using the best influencers. Learn how to interview and select the best influencers. You even get tips on how to write contracts, which can be helpful for anyone. 

Any course that focuses on how to measure performance is worth considering.  After all, why spend on an influencer if you cannot measure the ROI based on KPIs. 

Price – $19.99 but keep checking Udemy for discounts. 

Influencer Marketing For Ecommerce Dropshipping 

Learn how to use influencers to promote your drop-shipping business. It starts with finding the right influencer specific to your business. You even get tips on creating posts that will generate interest and conversion.  

Peter Pru, the creator, also throws in fantastic bonuses. Such include how to improve sales and sales funnels optimization.  

The course is free but only gives you access to online video content. If you want certification and an instructor, you will need to sign up for the paid courses. You can also find out the CPA Marketing Vs Affiliate Marketing.

Price – Free but with the option of paid courses 

ADRunning a Social Media Campaign: Customers, Influencer Engagement, Analytics

      • Institute of Data & Marketing via FutureLearn
      • Learn for Free – Upgradeable
      • 3 Weeks (4 hours weekly) of effort required
      • This course is part of Social Media Strategy ExpertTrack

Final Thoughts

We have looked at 9 of what we consider the best influencer marketing courses.  It is important to first understand what your needs are as a brand.  Do you, for example, struggle with finding the right influencers?   

Do you find that you cannot provide proof of success with campaigns?  It could be because you do not know how to set up measurable KPIs. You may not even be aware that there are specific metrics you need to have. 

Influencer marketing courses will set you on the right path. Do more research and read customer reviews before signing up for any.