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Become a Marketing Analyst: Complete Learning Path


Behind every successful marketing campaign, there is a roadmap, an idea, a plan for execution, and a marketing analyst who oversees everything. Being a marketing analyst demands a lot of hard work and there are some skills that one must possess. So, if you are interested in becoming a marketing analyst and looking for guidance then you have landed on the right page.

Here you will get access to beginner to advanced-level courses that can be taken to become a marketing analyst. You can learn the foundations, understand how to write a marketing plan, learn digital marketing tools and techniques and so much more.

Courses in Learning Path Total Enrollments Expected Effort  Providers
09 148,628+ 236 Hrs Coursera, edX, LinkedIn Learning

1 - Marketing Analytics FoundationMarketing Analytics Foundation

Meta via Coursera | 34,299+ already enrolled |  ★★★★★ (995 Reviews)

This is a beginner-level course offered by Meta that lays the foundation of marketing analytics. The instructor will explain the basics of marketing in detail. Similarly, you will understand the role of analytics in digital marketing. Next, you will learn the basic privacy regulations that govern the online marketing space.

2 - Marketing Innovative Products and ServicesMarketing Innovative Products and Services

University of Maryland via edX | 17,169+ already enrolled | 12 Hours of effort required!

This class is all about explaining the essential marketing concepts and practical commercialization strategies required to bring your new venture to market. The instructor will explain the fundamentals of product strategy with respect to product vision. You will understand the different market strategies concerning buyer journey, pricing, positioning, branding, and product-market fit.

3 - How to Write a Marketing PlanHow to Write a Marketing Plan

Goldie Chan via LinkedIn Learning | 8,307+ already enrolled |  ★★★★★ (177 Reviews)

A beginner-level course that explains in detail how to write an effective, goal-driven marketing plan. From the initial idea to the successful implementation of the plan, you will learn everything from a digital marketing expert. Similarly, the instructor will explain how to assemble a cross-functional team and conduct market analysis in detail. After that, you will learn to position your brand and set your own goals.

4 - Digital Marketing Analytics_ Tools and TechniquesDigital Marketing Analytics: Tools and Techniques

University of Maryland via edX | 19,342+ already enrolled | 20 Hours of effort required!

This course is all about explaining how you can leverage leading tools and approaches to digital marketing data analysis. The instructor will dive deep into explaining SEO and paid search strategies, web analytics, online testing, machine learning, and big data applications for strengthening your digital marketing efforts.

5 - Statistics for MarketingStatistics for Marketing

Meta via Coursera | 6,801+ already enrolled |  ★★★★★ (58 Reviews)

The “Statistics for Marketing” course dives deep into the statistical foundation upon which marketing analytics is built. Offered by Meta, this beginner-level course will help you understand the basic principles of descriptive and inferential statistics in detail. Then you will learn to create basic statistical models. After that, you will be taught how to formulate and test hypotheses and take action based on the result.

6 - Building Your Marketing Technology StackBuilding Your Marketing Technology Stack

David Booth via LinkedIn Learning | 14,349+ already enrolled |  ★★★★★ (205 Reviews)

An intermediate-level course that will walk you through a framework examining the roles and benefits of each layer in the stack acquisition through marketing and advertising. The instructor will explain all about the digital experiences, clickstream measurement, analysis, and back-office functions in detail. You will learn about these technologies and how they can help you drive engagement and measure results to increase sales.

7 - Data Analytics Methods for MarketingData Analytics Methods for Marketing

Meta via Coursera | 6,652+ already enrolled |  ★★★★★ (77 Reviews)

In this course, you will explore the standard analytics methods that are used by marketers. The instructor will explain how to define a target audience using segmentation with K-means clustering. You will also learn to plan and forecast your marketing efforts across different channels and evaluate and optimize your sales funnel in detail.

8 - Market Segmentation AnalysisMarket Segmentation Analysis

The University of Queensland via edX | 18,364+ already enrolled | 40 Hours of effort required!

A course that explains the basics of market segmentation in a step-by-step guide. Here you will understand the ten steps of a market segmentation analysis and each one’s purpose. Similarly, the instructor will talk about the key pitfalls that can occur at each step. You will learn to commission and market segment analysis and so much more.

9 - Buyer Behaviour and AnalysisBuyer Behaviour and Analysis

Curtin University via edX | 23,345+ already enrolled | 120 Hours of effort required!

This advanced-level course is all about explaining how to apply analytical tools to determine how culture, personality, and lifestyle affect consumer behavior. You will learn to analyze how consumer attitudes are formed and how opinions can change. Similarly, the instructor will explain how to evaluate different sources of group influences and how they affect and radically change consumer consumption.

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