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Are Programming Certificates Worth the Money?


With the demand for developers and programmers continually increasing, you might be tempted to underestimate the importance of getting a Programming Certificates. This is true, especially as more people think that all that matters is their coding proficiency. However, programmers with certifications have a different perspective on what hiring managers consider when making hiring decisions.

Even though nothing beats your experience in real-world coding skills, pursuing certifications will give you an upper hand when searching for your dream job.

Why Should You Get a Programming Certification?

There are many reasons why you should get a certificate in your programming career. Among them include;

Proof of Aptitude

While most developers think that having an extensive GitHub portfolio is enough evidence of their coding prowess, certifications improve your marketability in the IT world. Apart from your extensive portfolio, most employers view certifications as tangible proof of aptitude in your specific area of programming.

Nearly all certifications are proctored online, where certifying agencies test your knowledge on your specific area of expertise. Therefore, regardless of whether it is a conceptual certification or a highly specific certification on a particular programming language or tool, being certified shows your deep commitment to the profession.

Note that even if there is a surge in demand for programmers, most hiring managers will pick someone who is best suited for their vacant role. Unfortunately, most programmers simply list languages on their CVs or resumes, even if they have a passing interest in some languages. Nonetheless, listing multiple languages is very different from being certified or accredited in a specific language.

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Leads to a Higher Pay

Apart from proving aptitude, certification, especially in your early career, also assures you of more pay. According to Robert Half Technology Salary Guide, certification can increase your salary by more than 10%. Therefore, even though being certified cannot supersede hands-on experience, it gives candidates an earning advantage, especially if they have certifications of the latest technologies.

The more specific your certification, the more impact it has on monetary compensation. A certified consultant of an IT firm will likely be paid more than one without a certification. However, programming and developer certifications are more important in large companies than in small startups. This is probably because startups use new technologies that might not have options for certifications.

Which are the Best Programming Certifications to Consider?

Your choice of certification highly depends on your interests, target career, and projects that you want to focus on. However, with thousands of programming languages available currently, choosing certification for a specific language becomes a challenge. Nonetheless, below are some top certifications to consider. You might also be interested in C# Certification courses.

1. C Certified Professional Programmer

Being one of the oldest programming languages, many people consider the C programming language to be a language that every aspiring developer should learn. This explains why C certification is important, especially if you want to advance your career. Being C certified is the best way of demonstrating your proficiency in the C programming language and possibly stand out from the rest.

After completing C CLP certification and passing the exam, you will be eligible for C CLA certification, which is an advanced version of C CLP certification. As a C CLA (C Certified Associate Programmer), you can further validate your C language knowledge, giving you an edge over other candidates. This certification will surely come in handy if you want some form of promotion. You might also be interested in PLC Programming courses at takethiscourse paltform.


  • Good for career progression
  • Suitable for promotion
  • Among the most sought-after certification


  • Requires advanced knowledge to enroll

2. Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

Over the last decade, Microsoft has offered several certifications for programmers and web developers who want to master their systems. Being certified in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Computing course is beneficial for those who want to focus on cloud computing. As the name suggests, this certification focuses on the basics of cloud computing and how MS Azure provides software solutions that improve user experience without compromising privacy and cybersecurity standards. You can also find out Salesforce Apex Classes Training.

Among the many topics covered in this certification include cloud concepts, securing Azure workloads, Azure web services, data privacy, and more. Unlike other certifications, there are no minimum entry requirements for one to enroll in this certification. However, you should have some basic programming concepts and topics such as networking, app development, and support to pass the exam.


  • Very available
  • Offers a strong security profile
  • Cost-effective certification
  • No strict minimum requirements


  • Ease of access makes it problematic

3. AWS CDA – AWS Certified Developer Associate

The AWS Certified Developer Associate is another cloud-computing certification from Amazon that helps validate learners’ knowledge on AWS or Amazon Web Services. However, the certification doesn’t focus solely on AWS, as it also provides introductions to the fundamentals of web app development, deployment, and debugging.

Like Microsoft’s Azure certification, AWS CDA credentials aren’t prerequisites for anyone looking to enroll in this certification. However, you should have some knowledge of various topics and concepts to attain a passing score. Minimum AWS CDA knowledge includes familiarity with one or two programming languages, serverless apps, cloud-native apps, and app lifecycle. You can also checkout R programming certification at takethiscourse.net.


  • It doesn’t have strict minimum requirements
  • Teaches debugging using AWS
  • Teaches fundamentals of web application development


  • It might be hard for beginners

4. CompTIA Security + Certification

You should consider the CompTIA Security + Certification if you have a vested interest in cybersecurity and would like to kickstart or advance your career as an IT cybersecurity specialist. This is an entry-level certification that covers most of the ABCs of IT security using real-world problems with varying levels of complexity. This enables learners to gain the first-hand experience.

Working on real-world cybersecurity issues also prepares learners to handle security issues that may come their way and enhance their problem-solving skills. Unlike C CLP, CompTIA Security + Certification is continually updated to match current issues in the industry.

Fortunately, you don’t have to meet specific prerequisites to enroll. However, CompTIA recommends that the certification will be better for candidates with more than two years of working experience in the IT field, particularly cybersecurity. Basic knowledge of CompTIA Network is also preferred. You can also find out AngularJs Free Online Classes at our platform.

Among the many topics covered in this certification include risk assessment, security control, forensics, hybrid operations, incident reports, and security controls.


  • Certification is updated continually
  • Prepares learners to tackle security issues
  • Candidates learn about laws and policies governing cybersecurity


  • Candidates should have prerequisite experience in cybersecurity.

5. Cloudera Certified Professional

Cloudera Certified professional or CCP is a must for anyone looking to join the rapidly growing world of big data. The course is quite simple and straightforward. You will be assigned between 5 and 10 industry problems with large data sets and Cloudera Distribution Hadoop cluster during the exam.

To pass all questions, you should find precise technical solutions for every problem by analyzing all the data provided. You should use the cluster tools you think are best suited for finding a solution. Like many other certification courses, you don’t need a lot of prerequisites to enroll in CCP. However, you should have some background in data collection and analysis.


  • Designed specifically for big data
  • No much prerequisites
  • Straightforward


  • Challenging for beginners

The Bottom Line

Without a doubt, certifications are important and worth it, regardless of your stage or position in your career. They not only prove to employers that you have mastered certain skills but also prove that you are updated on recent changes, which is important in the world of tech. Veterans who would like to enroll in any certification can use vet discounts from GI Bill Benefits.