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AngularJS Fundamentals and Practice

AngularJS Fundamentals and Practice

An in-depth project-based introduction to AngularJS concepts with lots of code, examples and a complete application.

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 What You will Learn?

  • Enable you to write professional AngularJS applications
  • Enable you to think in AngularJS and design a modern web-app (SPA)

Online Course Description:

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework developed by Google. Front end development is now officially revolutionized with the advent of SPAs (Single Page Applications) and it is increasingly looking like AngularJS is going to be the de-facto framework of the future for building SPAs.

This course will not only teach you to program using AngularJS but also how to think in AngularJS and howto architect, design and test a modern web application.

This course is divided into 2 parts.

  • The first part focuses on getting a solid understanding of AngularJS concepts with plenty of working code examples using Plunkr.
  • The second half creates a comprehensive Web Application (SPA) using these concepts with special focus on Design, Architecture and testing a modern web app.

This is a project based course with 2 parts spanning 29 videos and over 300 minutes of content.

– An approach of understanding AngularJS concepts
– Follow-up with many live coding examples
– A project that covers various components and aspects of AngularJS
– A video dedicated to unit testing using Karma and Jasmine libraries
– Examples using third part libraries including
– Angular UI Bootstrap
– Bootstrap CSS
– Angular Local Storage library
– Karma
– Jasmine

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