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An Ultimate Guide On How To Write A Resume


how to write a resume

Do you keep sending resumes but never land an interview? There must be a problem with your job application documents. The number of applicants per position rises yearly, so recruiters have to be peakier. But you have all chances to pass the application process successfully if you complete your resume and cover letter according to the latest requirements.

A range of different sections build your resume, and if you omit one of them, it can be a red flag for a recruiter. This is why all job seekers must know how to write a resume before applying. So, check out this resume writing guide created by a professional career advice expert who will help and make a step towards your successful career in your dream organization.

Resume Summary or Objective

This is the first thing that a hiring manager sees in an applicant’s resume. Here you should write a few sentences about the position you are applying for and how it matches your career goals. You can state your desired amount of compensation in this section as well.

If your goal is not only to obtain a specific position but to work in a particular company, you can also mention it in your objective. Of course, a few sentences are not enough to express your motivation, but you can do it in letters of interest. Attach them along with your CV and raise your chances of working in the department of your dreams.

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Contact Information

Write your name correctly, the same as it is written in your id. Don’t use your alias or a nickname. Give a working phone number. Suppose you’re applying for a job at a foreign company. In that case, make sure that this phone number is connected to WhatsApp, so the talent acquisition team member will be able to call you.

It is not necessary to indicate your home address. The city of residence will be enough. Mention whether you’re ready or not for the relocation. The most crucial part is your email address. Make sure it consists of your name and surname as well, because emails with some random words or nicknames push recruiters away.

In addition to the information above, you can include links to your LinkedIn, GitHub, or Instagram profile. The last one is important for people applying for a social media marketer position. And, last but not least – don’t forget to put your photo in the contact information section.

Work Experience

Nowadays, the reverse-chronological order structure of the resume is in good favor among employers. It is better to put the “Work Experience” section before the “Education” section.

Your work experience and accomplishments should be organized in reverse-chronological order as well. The most recent work experience is more relevant for recruiters than you had years ago.

Along with the names of your positions, it is also critical to mention your key responsibilities at each work. Those candidates that indicate their achievements in a resume get hired more often than those who don’t. When you will make a summary of your achievements, try to express them using figures. For example, you can indicate which percentage of your sales rose while you were in charge or mention many premium clients you have partnered with.

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Professional Skills

Both hard skills and soft skills play a big part in a resume. In the hard skills section, you can include what tools and software you are capable of using. For example, if you want to get hired as a UX designer, the knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Figma, and Adobe Illustrator is a must. Software engineers must mention their command of programming languages. Digital marketers should prove their knowledge of Google Adsense and Meta Business Suite.

Many job seekers neglect the importance of soft skills. However, with brilliant hard skills but poor soft skills, nobody will hire you. It’s essential, to tell the truth in every section of the resume, and this one is no exception. If you mention that you’re a communicative, enthusiastic person who can empathize with colleagues, recruiters will figure out if it’s true during the job interview. Check out the top interview questions to feel more confident during your first interview.


Write your education history in reverse chronological order. You can omit your high school education if you list a B.A. degree or higher. The professional association of resume writers suggests including every professional training and course relevant to the position you’re applying for. It will be perfect if you have just passed some training that will be useful in your new job.

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Additional Sections

What other events or things of your life experience can interest recruiters? In this section, you can write everything that was not relevant in ‘Work Experience’ or ‘Education’. Did you have a life-changing volunteering experience or launch your own project? These significant events and your hobbies and interests will make a good impression on hiring managers.

To Sum Up

Writing a resume is a very responsible task that defines the future of your career. So, it is critical to put maximum effort into its creation. A professional resume must be divided into sections and present information about your experience in reverse-chronological order. If you need to choose the best resume writing website visit top-resume-reviews The first attempt at resume writing can be challenging, but professional resume writing services can be your solution.