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Advanced Topics & Techniques in Agile Software Development

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  • BerkeleyX via edX
  • 4 week (8-12 hours weekly) of effort required
  • 53,169+ already enrolled!
  • skill Level: Intermediate

The course, Advanced Topics & Techniques in Agile Software Development, is the second part of the Professional Certificate Program in Agile Software Development. The Agile Software Development program uses the Agile techniques and the same best of breed tools used by the professionals, including GitHub, Pivotal Tracker, Travis CI, Heroku, and others to introduce ideas and techniques for the design, development, and modification of large software systems. This course helps you learn about the Advanced SaaS Mechanisms, SaaS Clients, Behavior-Driven Design and Test-Driven Development.


  • Advanced SaaS Mechanisms
  • SaaS Clients
  • Behavior-Driven Design
  • Test-Driven Development

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