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6 Ways Learning Korean Can Boost Your Career Development


As soon as you start working for yourself, your main goal should be how you can boost your career and allow yourself to reach the top of your game. This way, you can truly accomplish everything in your field, allowing for self-fulfillment and happiness. While working hard would help, learning a new skill or language can surely hit a new level for your career. 

Learning Korean has been getting more popular each day. Knowing the language is becoming more in demand and Korean brands are getting more attention worldwide. Apart from being an interesting language, Korean can also help to boost your career. You can check here to see where you can learn the language. To encourage you more, listed below are some ways in which learning Korean can help you climb your career ladder:  

1. More Chances Of Employment

Not everyone can confidently speak multiple languages. If you know a different language, especially Korean, you can increase your chance of employment as companies would always prefer an employee who can speak a different language. This can benefit their brand. With a bilingual employee, they can assign you to communicate with a foreign brand or investor. You can then conduct business for the company, helping to improve the company’s reputation and sales.  

As you learn Korean, you can increase your chances of employment by at least 50%, especially if you’re applying for a company who is planning to accommodate the global market. Because you know the language, you can allow for a smooth transition. You can seamlessly communicate using the Korean language without any fuss. Since you won’t be requiring any additional training and such, companies would prefer to hire you over anyone else.  

2. Possible Salary Increase

One of the crowd favorites for learning a new language for career development is to increase your salary. Even if you’re currently employed with a company, you can still boost your pay by informing them of the new language you’ve mastered. However, you might need to show a certificate of completion from your language school so your current employer can accommodate your skill and increase your salary. 

Learning Korean or any other language can always benefit every company because it gives them leverage against their international competitors. Since someone from their team can speak the language fluently, they won’t have any problems communicating with Korean companies to complete a business deal. With the benefits you’ll bring to the table, companies would absolutely be willing to pay more than their regular salary offers.  

3. Additional Career Opportunities

Some companies are strictly looking for employees who can speak Korean because they need to strengthen their Korean office base. While you might not necessarily need to work in Korea, you might need to communicate with the locals or company officials to fulfill your duties. However, if you’re limited to speaking a single language, you might not be able to get that employment.  

If you know how to speak and communicate well in Korean, you can explore greater career opportunities, increasing your chance of employment. Moreover, you can also boost your career growth as you open new directions and options for your profession. This way, you get to explore new and different things that allow you to see which path you should take as you go on with your journey.  

4. Opportunity To Work Overseas

Everyone appreciates the possibility of working overseas. They get to live in a completely different place and experience what other cultures offer. Quite frankly, Korea is one of the most popular places to live. Korea is a great place to explore new food, fashion, and skincare. It’ll be the perfect opportunity to finally achieve that perfect glass skin when you get quick access to their products and learn more about how you can take care of your skin the Korean way.

Korean as second language

If living in Korea is one of your dreams, learning their language first can be your first step in turning your dream into a reality. This way, you won’t have much trouble adjusting to the new land. With this, more companies might consider assigning you to work in Korea since you won’t have any problems communicating with the locals. With this new skill, it can be your gateway to living abroad and following your dreams.  

5. Brain Training

Boosting your brain skills will always benefit your career. You can make better decisions and provide the best output for each of your tasks. When you learn a new language, you can take this opportunity as brain training, especially since you’re learning a new set of words and grammar. Learning a new language will make you mix together these components to form a sentence or thought that you can communicate to the locals. While it might be small, it’ll be a great brain exercise that’ll benefit the company.  

As you learn a new language, you can improve your cognitive skills, which can help you learn, think, reason, remember, and decide better. These are all essential in improving your career. This way, you can allow yourself to learn a new language, and improve your cognitive skills, while also advancing your career. It’ll be a tremendous advantage for yourself and your professional growth.  

6. Better Understanding Of Cultural Differences

Knowing how to speak Korean is one thing to learn. Apart from speaking the language, you should also understand their culture to identify which statements might be offensive to them and which sentences they love to hear. This way, you can be on good terms with your Korean clients and allow for better business opportunities.  

While learning the language, you’ll have insights into the cultural differences and what you can do to come to terms with them. As you understand their culture, you can earn your client’s trust because they feel confident that you know what you’re doing and how you can turn each conversation into a success. This way, you can boost your career and gain more clients that’ll help your business in the future.  


Learning Korean can really be challenging, especially since it might be far different from your mother tongue. But with the right practice, you should be able to master the language in no time. Moreover, the benefits you’ll reap from it will be worthwhile. They can certainly help you boost your career opportunities. With this, you can explore more options and get the salary you deserve.