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XuetangX is now providing Free Online Courses in English for International Students


XuetangX is considered to be the largest MOOC platform in China. The platform has been providing a large sum of online courses for its students to learn from. By offering online courses in multiple disciplines, the platform aims to help all categories of students by not depriving anyone of education. Not just that, it also offers certificate and degree programs in multiple disciplines.


XuetangX was launched in the year 2013 as the first Chinese MOOC platform and was initiated by Tsinghua University and MOE Research Center for Online education. 

XuetangX’s part in this Pandemic:

Due to the Covid-19 situation that the whole world is facing, almost all of the countries have closed their educational institutions. And this is the part where online courses come to the scene with even more demand. According to the Ministry of Education (MOE), China’s universities and colleges are going to pay its part as well. They will be offering a variety of high-quality free online courses with certificates in English to Global students as well. These courses will be accessed through an international online teaching platform among which XuetangX is also a part.  

This, therefore, means that XuetangX is now offering a variety of its MOOCs in the English language as well. Now students from all over the world can learn from these high-quality courses in language that is understood by them.   

What is Rain Classroom?

Rain classroom is a combined effort of Tsinghua University and XuetangX and is the solution to deal with the current Covid-19 situation. This classroom has been specially designed to be used in a blended learning model. Through this rain classroom, learners from all over the world can interact with teachers and continue with their studies.  

So learn from the high-quality free online courses with certificates by XuetangX in English now and never stop learning. 

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