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Countless writers and bloggers want to publish their content under takethiscourse and we’re here for it. Featured on the cover of StartupInfo magazine, we constantly hear from online instructors, global e-learning sites, creators, and digital marketers that want to highlight their latest cutting-edge and influential programs.

Takethiscourse.net welcomes guest posts of various educationist domains to contribute to the forefront of thoughtful ideas. We are helping creators, bloggers, and online forums to approach a greater audience and gain ‎widespread exposure. ‎As we update our thousands of viewers on just about everything.

What we publish?

Our website publishes courses and content for any competent creator or platform that appreciates the value of every viewer. We significantly feature write-ups *that add value * to the life and skills of our audience. With meaningful insights, we issue any sort of well-crafted MOOCs with top courses that opens up a plethora of learning possibilities and success for all.

Therefore, to publish your content on our site is in the mutual interest of our general viewers and creators. To promote your content to a larger audience, we are willing to guest your posts on our platform.

About the content we feature in our respective guest write-ups is that the article must be exclusive. It should not be published elsewhere. We issue posts of excellent caliber and over 1000 words in length.

What do we mean by “Write for us”?‎

Users appreciate content that is exclusive and distinct while searching for new ‎courses and fresh concepts. If you are a professional, academic, or beginner writer, or blogger, we’ll aid the promotion of learning the ‎beneficial courses of our respective guests. This is what distinguishes us from ‎other competitive sites.  If you have learning programs that can enhance the ‎education of our readers, then you’re welcome at all times to endorse your ‎quality content.‎

You may need to go through our guest posts and explore the kind of content we ‎are publishing already. This will give you an idea that how you can reach us with ‎your content.‎

Our Publishing Guidelines

Takethiscourse.net is primarily concerned with new technological learning methods, productive content, and e-learning news. In “write for us”, we issue write-ups on how renowned universities or online sites are introducing new ways to learn.

Publishable Content on our Website

Online Learning, use of technology for online learning and the most recent technical developments are all examples of how we feature articles on our page. We use new ideas and techniques to establish a global presence. We prefer to collaborate with universities, and e-learning platforms. Through write for us, as a guest blogger, you capture the attention of many learners.

  • Self-Promoting Content

Indeed, we welcome sponsored content from brands who want to raise their exposure. We publish sponsored content that aids the development of a strong brand name among our readers. Bear in mind that our readers come to us looking for successful updates, suggestions, and feedback to begin their career most productively. Therefore, we’re always open to post original material.

  • Keep Things easy and Unique

Writing on trending topics and producing wide content ideas is a good fit at first. However, in most situations, flexible, simple, and known content to the general audience work best. A user-centric content having relevant and valuable material draws a larger audience towards the features. Provide concise and useful content that engages a generic point of view.

For example, “5 key skills for web developer jobs” or “ Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid While learning a foreign language,” or “What can you do with a biochemistry degree”. All you need to do is conduct extensive research and develop a plan. Our readers must be encouraged to read more and seek out more knowledge if the content is to be effective.

Non-Publishable Content on our Website

Since we are willing to publish your write-ups, keep in mind that guest posts are a great way to demonstrate your experience and expertise. While excessive promotion in domains other than educational endorsement is not permitted.

  • Previously Published Content

We do not republish posts that have already appeared on either website. We only consider one-of-a-kind and original products.   We want your article to be the best it can be, and we’ll work with you to get there. Once approved, you will be given appropriate input from our team. Henceforth, we will collaborate closely with our administrative team on your content.

  • Plagiarized/Copied Content

On our website, we do not allow replicated or copied material. And it is a significant breach of our rules, which can result in your account being deactivated or banned. We’d like to tell you that your words are everything you need. As a guest blogger, you must write about your opinions. Simply strive to provide readers with a new viewpoint on a subject that you want to talk about.

  • Invalid Facts

Your content must not provide any false information or data. You must have correct sources, mentions, and a reference from the article’s origin. Continue to use accurate information from reputable sites or sources. And mention credits where credit is due.

Rules for Submissions of Article

Please go through our posts and showcase specific content suggestions that you’re most excited about sharing. As we’ve already mentioned a well-written and valuable feature is given the right attention.

Please keep in mind the following steps:

  • Make a catchy title/headline.
  • Please break up your content with related subheadings.
  • Use short paragraphs to make it easier to read.
  • Has to be 100% unique and composed in standard English; shouldn’t be replicated from some other website, post, book, or other sites with trademarks
  • Has to be over 1,000 words long
  • Does not hold provocative opinions, and is not pessimistic
  • Does not include your name or your image in the post
  • If you use pictures or videos in your post, they must be of high quality with copyright approval (provide proofs)
  • While providing any exclusive data, figures, or analysis, hyperlink the source
  • When a guest post is featured, revisions are unlikely to be performed. However, if changes are necessary, we can make them on our part.

If all goes as planned, we will post your article in a week and email you the link.

Respective Nominees

We only welcome individual authors, emerging e-learning platforms, established platforms, and skilled Writers, or Freelancers to write for us. We favor those bloggers and creators with an insightful opinion, knowledge, and experience over a broad knowledge of academics, productive courses, or best tips.

A Word from Takethiscourse

We firmly believe all guest posts have a dignified value to them. It’s a moment of honor for any writer to see their work featured for the first time or multiple times. Hundreds of your peers (as well as prospective clients, customers, or content providers) will read your work.  You will grow a lot along the way and learn the right ways to improve your writing. Expressing your thoughts, blog, and write on those subjects you always wanted to write on.

Get going now start writing!