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Visualizing Data with R

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  • IBM via edX
  • 4 Weeks (1-2 hours weekly) effort required
  • Course type: Self Paced
  • ★★★★★

Data visualization is taking over the world. But what if you could learn from a wider viewpoint? Yes, you read that correctly. Unlike any other data visualization course, edX has rejuvenated learning and your relationship in learning R. Discover the R data visualization library, ggplot2, create map plots with geolocation data ‎and build dynamic dashboards to showcase your findings online!

R programming takes the user into a fantastically imaginative universe. Needless to say, with the help of edX, your mind can overcome any question you have about data visualization in R. Among other things, themes and other approaches can be used to further personalize your charts and plots. Let us tell you some interesting facts about this course.

What’s new in this Course?‎

The course is all about data visualization with R, as the title implies. But what’s different is that the course’s main purpose is to assist trainees to become proficient with all aspects of R, including the use of leaflets. You will learn how to make map plots using another R data visualization tool called “Leaflet.” This remarkable initiative has built this ‎‎program with useful resources that support ‎developers while implementing content, ‎‎technology, and tools integrated with R. edX ensures ‎‎a mutual and seamless user experience for ‎educators and students, from app ‎‎development to single sign-on.  ‎

Thus, to experience the quality of this course, work with an edX-oriented data visualization course and get started in your journey with R.‎

Why you should take this Course?‎

You should take this course if you want to learn how the ggplot2 visualization service for R applies this approach to simple bar charts, histograms, pie charts, scatter plots, line plots, and box plots. Another advantage of this course is that it provides novices access to IBM’s popular course. You can even attempt the course for free just now.

‎As you plan your next steps, it may not take long for you to notice that the course provides a good R experience that should not be overlooked. The well-known platform provides excellent educators that will teach you all you need to know about creating apps, from integrating HTML and graphic components to launching your interactive data apps on the internet. ‎

How to work with it?‎

This course necessitates familiarity with R and data. If you lack these abilities, before beginning with this course, it is strongly advised that you first take IBM’s Introduction to R Programming for Data Science and Data Analysis with R courses. Only then will you be able to put what you’ve learned into practice and gain hands-on experience by completing labs in each subject.

Say goodbye to a narrow and traditional area that projects stunted growth with a final project that is the capstone of this course. Join IBM and edX, watch videos, do the lab work, and increase your options for generating and mastering data visualization using R at your own pace. To experience real education, work with IBM, and grab the chance while you still ‎can.  ‎

What you’ll learn from this Course

  • ‎A plethora of expertise in data visualization with R.
  • Data on bar charts, histograms, and other graphs
  • Comprehend and apply
  • Necessary guidelines ‎
  • Enhanced chances of succeeding at app development
  • edX support
  • Master and avoid dangers
  • Learn the techniques ‎
  • Encounter hurdles while working with R

Remarkably, this course offers a diverse range of interesting learning alternatives ‎‎that helps you to understand the significance and relevance of this incredible ‎‎initiative.‎

Final Thoughts

Moving towards the end, data visualization is making the adaptability of projects amazingly easy everywhere. This is not just an opportunity for ‎‎‎knowledge seekers but a grand chance to start overcoming difficulties working with R.

As the edX with IBM is delivering services on a large scale that are engaging its ‎‎‎audience in academic matchbook courses, get to know everything you need to know to start working R, its Grammar of Graphics, its system for describing and building graphs among other things. Takethiscourse urges you to improve; now it’s up to you to determine whether you’ll begin now or immediately!

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