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How to create Upwork Freelance Account?

Upwork is an amazing platform that enables freelancers to show their abilities and make a handful earning for themselves. Upwork is a perfect platform for both freelancers and those who want to hire a freelancer to get their work done. But to use this account, one must have to create an account. So here are the steps that ought to be followed for creating an account here.

  • Enter your credentials like name and your email address and click the sign up with email button.

  • Next you have to enter your password and select the option “hire for a project” or “work as a freelancer”.
  • Choose the option “work as a freelancer” and click on the option “create my account”.

  • Then a page will open where you will see an option of “start my profile”. Click that option.

  • Now what you need to do is go to your mail and open the link that has been sent to you. Click on that link to verify your account.

  • Then add all of your details like work experience, employment and more or you can also skip this step and come back later.

  • Then add your English Language proficiency and aad any other language you know.

  • Then add a title for yourself and give a small introduction too. Write about yourself in a very professional manner.

  • Then you have to add your location and make sure your address is correct. Your country, city and postal code etc must be written correctly.

  • Then lastly, add your correct and available mobile number and then you are all set to go.
  • Below you will find a “preview profile” button that will show your whole profile.

Voila!! Your account has been created.