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Touchless Airport Clearance Employing Biometric Verification


Approximately, 117 years ago, the Wright brothers devised, developed, and flew the first triumphant airplane. The global population at that point was 2.6 billion but presently the world society is approximately seven times. There has been an important rise in the number of air terminals around the world. As stated by the WEF, cross-border travel will increase by fifty percent in the era to reach 1.9 billion international travelers by 2030. In this article, we will discuss about Touchless Airport Clearance employing biometric verification.

Additionally, rising conditions regarding data security and user satisfaction encourage the demand for advanced global solutions to make sure safe, easy, and solid authentication of travelers. Travelers have to go through time-taking procedures of planning & scheduling, check-in procedures, baggage administration, and airport clearance, which most of the time minimizes the level of traveler satisfaction.

Presently, technological advancement users prefer a smooth verification procedure whether they are opening an account on social networks, opening a bank account, buying an item or traveling for a company meeting.

Air terminals and airports need to adjust to the problem of intense safety while giving user satisfaction to the population that prefers a smooth user journey. This need to attain a balance between safety demands and travel needs can develop challenges in the long-run particularly if present procedures are still operating to be in practice with long safety measures. Air terminals and airports spend a hefty amount to develop airport clearance security standards each year. In 2019, a hefty amount spent on airport clearance with an additional focus on AML screening.

Most of the airports comply with security conditions through facial biometric authentication checks at the entrance and exit gates. Security flaws have been a problem related to the air terminals and airports industry for quite some time. As stated by New Zealand Air, approximately 550 of its travelers show up for flights with expired documents and approximately 12% enroll online with false passport data during online check-in. There are circumstances where illegal international travelers and fraudsters cross-travel due to imperfections in conventional identity verification processes or human oversight.

Enhancing the security, effectiveness, and traveler experience with airport clearance at terminals

Technological advancements are finding ways for a smooth user journey and increased airport clearance. For example, online ticketing substituted with the time-taking lines to get boarding passes. Additionally, the use of biometrics to authenticate the identity is also another invention for security advancement at air terminals. Many air terminals around the globe are also opting for biometric verification to recognize passengers.

Biometric authentication at the check-in simplifies the passenger experience and increases security while minimizing the errors and long clearance to get travelers’ identity authentication with manual document checks.

Document authentication and biometric identification reduce the demand for manual identity documents checks or opting for special staff to check and screen passenger identity. By employing online identity document authentication, air terminals and airports could increase security and use human resources for other significant security tasks.

Online IDV using biometric authentication is already assisting online companies and monetary institutions to safely authenticate their user’s identities. Biometric verification adopting kiosks at the airports is assisting airports and air terminals in minimizing expenses and managing time. Therefore, it also gives smooth yet enhanced security that can bring a whole new evolution in the airport industry. Therefore, it is only examined as the initial step to build an increased air traveler experience.

Developing a smooth passenger’s journey

Developing a fully automated airport clearance requires technological and humankind resources to be utilized in collaboration. It is contributing to making clearance and security safe and fully automated. While giving online IDV and Know Your Customer services to air terminals and airports. Involving 2 distinct biometrics and identity document checks, Touchless Kiosk will increase the security and user experience.

Transforming towards touchless solves several problems involving unhygienic contact with mechanisms at crowded places. Biometric scanners are usually touched by a lot of travelers, which with worry over hygiene, usually becomes a problem. Physical interaction with biometric sensors is no more challenging than touching a door opener in crowded places. In most countries, increasing problems over hygiene problems due to eruptions of viral diseases such as SARS, COVID-19, and avian influenza. Stay Safe during this Pandemic Situation.


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