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The ultimate pursuit of Sundog Education is to ensure the easy availability of career-boosting skills including data science, machine learning, and big data. A team of expert individuals in the field offers their knowledge and experience with great affordability.

Sundog Education is owned and directed by Frank Kane. Frank has a rich experience of 9 years at IMDb and Amazon, developing and management of tech that provides worthy recommendations related to products and movies to its customers. 17 patents have been issued in the name of Frank in the fields of distributed computing, DM, and ML. The recent tally of the students taught by Frank crossed over 500,000.

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TakeThisCourse Analysis Results for Sundog Education’s Online Courses:

To help online learners with real user experience, our experts did a comprehensive analysis of Sundog Education’s online courses using text mining techniques that generates following results:
  • TTC analyzed a total of 2,236 reviews for 04 online courses.
  • The analysis indicates that around 80% reviews were positive.
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TTC Course Effectiveness Score:

We have further analyzed user opinions related to 4 effectiveness factors including ContentEngagementQuality Practice and Career Benefit.



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955 Reviews



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1279 Reviews



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306 Reviews


Career Benefit

4.6 / 5.0
217 Reviews

Based on the number of students, we believe that:

  • The content and the design of the course subsections are very knowledgeable and well-structured which ultimately ensures the elite quality of education.
  • The instructor has a very effective teaching methodology that provides the liberty of unique thoughts. The practical examples and their illustrations are of great engagement.
  • The courses offered by this institute are oriented to skills that are required professionally.
  • These courses provide valuable fundamental knowledge obligatory to ace many certification exams.

Below Stack Barchart further shows the positive, neutral and negative reviews we found during our detailed course analysis.

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What Learners are saying about Sundog Education’s Online Courses:

  • Frank has been an outstanding instructor as he designed the course with a complete and compact structure. The content of the course carried extensive knowledge and the tutorials are very explanatory. I have successfully qualified for the practitioner, associate, and specialty exams and it took me to a whole new level. Evidently, this was this course was the major factor that aided me in clearing the exams. (Chris h, ★★★★★)
  • Big data require different services and those services mainly rely on technical knowledge. This course is a great opportunity for those aspirants who are willing to learn and grow their skills regarding various AWS services relating to Big data. (Bala Raphsodic, ★★★★★)
  • From the exam’s perspective, this course is a complete package. Both instructors were very commanding in what they were delivering. The practical explanation was so helpful that it assisted me a lot in my exam which I cleared yesterday. I can provide every possible endorsement if required for the content offered in this course as it is highly relevant to the Data Analytics exam and an attraction for content creators. (Arpit P, ★★★★★)
  • Someone like me who is ill-experienced in the design of large-scale systems acquired great skills in 10 days. Before getting enrolled in the course, I was just capable of handling the very basic design of the integration of a web server with a DB server. But soon after completing the course twice in 10 days, I attempted my first system design interview and it went extremely well. (Wajdi B, ★★★★★)
  • Frank’s way of teaching is very smart as he provides the participants with useful tips and intuition to illustrate the complete picture of the interview process. System design is a broad topic but the instructors encompassed the major technical portion of this course very professionally. (Vishwas U, ★★★★★)
  • If you are willing to appear in a system design interview, you must take this course a week before the interview. Frank and the company conduct worthwhile mock interviews that are constructive in terms of your confidence. (Oscar Fernando, ★★★★)
  • The practical hands-on learning which I achieved during the course helped me strengthen my core concepts related to machine learning. The lectures were very detailed and looked more interesting on the strength of expert instructors. (Allan M, ★★★★★)
  • It was overall a productive course. I took this course to assist my machine learning. This course provided in-depth knowledge of Tensorflow and Keras which I required the most. (James R, ★★★★)
  • I would like to thank Frank for this amazing course on Machine learning and Data science. It dispensed strong fundamental knowledge for the implementation of DS and ML in the real world. It is a great opportunity for someone eager and inclined to get experience in ML. (Max L, ★★★★★)
  • This course of Frank is the best course I have taken thus far related to Scala/Spark. The main reason is the use of original language. No python and API have been used. Each lecture is delivered professionally and the explanation provided helped me run codes and witness what exactly is being taught. (Juan I. H, ★★★★★)
  • It is a valuable course in terms of the conciseness of the knowledge provided. Keeping the topics concise and relevant, this course provides deep knowledge about scala and Apache spark. Real-life compelling examples given by Frank make this course rewarding. The engaging nature of the course enhances the learning curve of the participants. (Dave T, ★★★★★)
  • I took this course to facilitate myself in building strong foundational knowledge which gave me the starting point for Scala certification. Frank focused on core Spark and also introduced a brief touch of streaming, SQL, ML, graph, etc. The teaching methodology was a plus in this course. (Robert B, ★★★★★)
  • The delivery of the course was much professional and the expert pieces of advice given by the instructor were of great use. The categorization of the course subtopics was well thought out and planned. Since the course was well structured, it helped me increase my learning abilities. Strongly recommend this course for those who are ambitious to take managerial posts and take craft their leadership skills out. (Priscilla T, ★★★★★)
  • This course covered a wide spectrum of ideas and angles regarding managerial and leadership skills. The instructor was very unbiased and unprejudiced considering the cultural representation of a particular region. Some core concepts appealed to technically strong people in this course. (Stefano F, ★★★★)
  • The transition from being an engineer to having a role as a manager can be unwillingly a downfall for many people. This course offers effective transition as well as the development of interpersonal skills. I would surely recommend this course to everyone. The examples and activities were very relatable in terms of office routine jobs. (Oleksandra B, ★★★★)
  • This course has a step-by-step and systemic approach along with a clear explanation. How the content is delivered is making it more understandable. The content of this course is informative and helpful. I liked the examples that were provided that allowed me to relate it to real life and learn the information easily. (Sanjeev D, ★★★★★)
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