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Top 5 Tips to make a Stunning Freelancer’s Portfolio


A portfolio is a most useful tool that helps a freelancer get potential clients. As we know that there are a large number of people out there who are in this field so that makes it really hard for a newbie to compete. But have you realized what helps you stand out tall in the crowd? That would be a killer freelance portfolio. The more professional the portfolio is, the more closer you get to your success. Also one should keep this in mind that the purpose of a portfolio is to show your clients what you can do to make their lives easier and also giving them an easy way to contact you. So let us take a look at some tips that can help make a stunning portfolio.

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  • Make yourself your own portfolio:

When you make a portfolio of yourself, you get this opportunity of showing your clients the skills that you have and what type of work you’re capable of doing. And making an attractive and a stunning portfolio on your own is itself an excellent example of showing the clients your caliber. For example, if you are a content marketer, write a killer copy for your portfolio, if you are a graphic designer, you should brand your website in your own style. If you are an illustrator then drawing some fancy icons for your site would be helpful. So you have to be very meticulous in making your portfolio. Just think of your freelance portfolio as a commercial where you try really hard to make it informational, memorable and presentable. Just make sure to add a latest picture of yourself and you correct contact information so that people start to trust you.

  • You have to include those details that can help you stand out tall:

Everybody has a portfolio and whenever a client is looking for a freelancer he usually ends up with a number of freelancer’s portfolios. So how do you make that client choose you? That can happen by adding unique details to your portfolio. Don’t start to write a story on yourself because it can make a client bizarre. He needs to know what you’re capable of doing and what you have done in the past. So highlight all the important details as much as you can so that a client starts to show interest in your portfolio.

  • Don’t just show them, instead tell them:

The biggest mistake that all freelancers make while making a portfolio is they just show their work by putting a screenshot of their done work and a link with it. This gives a client an impression that a freelancer is too reluctant to tell in his own words the work he’s done and just wants us to see that on our own. Don’t ever do that, instead tell them how you have been doing your work. Put in some time to explain he steps that you have done to do your project and other minor details as well. This will give clients an idea about how you work and get things done. And also if you don’t have enough projects to post then you can explain your available projects to fill in the space.

  • You can also add practice projects:

Making a portfolio doesn’t demand that you only post all the paid projects in order for other clients to get attracted. You can also post practice projects that you have done in a training course or college. We would recommend to post even the small projects that you have done on your own time. This would add a great value to your portfolio.

  • Don’t forget to talk about your education:

When a client looks at a freelancer’s portfolio, the one piece of information that he looks for instantly is the freelancer’s education. So it is very important you give in all your education details correctly. You must also showcase any new skill that you have learned from a course or training too and that you want to start a career now. This will put a great impact on a client who is already looking for someone who is competent and has learned new skills through extra training.