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Rainbow Gradient Shape & Text Effects in Illustrator Course

Rainbow Gradient Course Highlights
  • Helen Bradley via Skillshare
  • 214+ students enrolled
  • 6 Projects included
  • Skill Level: Introductory
  • Language: English
  • ★★★★ (17 Ratings)

Adobe illustrator is what we call a professional vector-based design and drawing program that is used widely as a larger design workflow. It allows us to create everything from single design elements to entire compositions. Different types of designers use Illustrator to create different and unique posters, symbols, logos, icons, patterns, and whatnot.

To be able to understand everything about Adobe Illustrator, we present to you this fun-filled class that will help you learn to make colorful rainbow gradient filled shapes and text using Illustrator. You will learn to use the Gradient Mesh tool that has been in Illustrator for years. Similarly, the instructor is also going to talk about Freedom Gradient which is new in Illustrator. In short, by the end of this class, you would have gained a good understanding of how to make Rainbow gradient shapes and add text effects using Illustrator.

Syllabus of This Class:

In this Rainbow Gradient class, the instructor is going to talk about the following.

  • A thorough introduction to the colorful gradient.
  • Then, you will learn to create a template swatches files.
  • After that, the instructor is going to talk about how to twirl and recolor your shape.
  • Similarly, the instructor will also explain how you can add colors using a freeform gradient.
  • Furthermore, you will also get a chance to learn all about the freeform gradients and text.
  • In addition, you will also learn about gradient mesh and text.

Thus, this and many other topics will be learned in this class.


Now we are going to talk about the feedback that users have given about this course.

  • This was a fun-filled class that helped me build the essential foundational skill of Illustrator. Everything that I learned from this video can now be applied to other projects that I have been working on. (Polyglotton).
  • The lessons in this video were so thorough and the instructor has explained everything to-the-point and that is why I didn’t have a chance to get bored or felt like I’m wasting my time here. (Chris H).
  • I would like to thank the instructor for this class as enrolling in it made me understand everything about gradients and how it can be applied using different tools. Indeed Helen Bradley is an excellent instructor and she knew exactly what she was saying. (Bette Daoust).
  • After completing this class I can now say that there is a reason why Helen Bradley is considered a top teacher. The way she has explained everything in such a short time was fabulous. Indeed it was above my expectations. (Penny Dougherty).
  • This class exceeded my expectations as it was quite an interesting one and helped me understand how I can make shapes and text filled with gradients. Helen’s way of explaining everything was so simple that I was able to learn so much in such a short time. One thing that I enjoyed learning the most was adding the twirl tool to the gradient to extend the possibilities of the artwork. Overall the whole class was a success. (Mary Thomas).
  • A concise and informative class that has so much to offer in less time. The tips regarding recoloring and changing the look of your shapes were the best part for me. (Dandi Things).


Below is an alternative that can also be taken instead of the “Rainbow Gradient Shape & Text Effects in Illustrator Course”.

4 Illustrator shading techniques –An illustrator for lunch class-Simple highlights and shadows:

This class is going to help you learn four simple and effective shading techniques for making different designs in Illustrator. Through this class, you will learn how to shade half a shape and choose different colors to use that can easily make your image become more editable. Similarly, you will also learn to create a custom stipple shading brush and also save and use it to shade a shape. Thus this and many other tips and techniques will be taught in this class.


So these were the details of this Rainbow Gradient Shape & Text Effects in Illustrator class and if you think this class is what you need then enroll today and don’t forget to stay home, stay safe, and never stop learning.

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