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The Project Management Professional (PMP) and Informational Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) both are well-recognized certifications. Both of these certifications are unique in their own way and can be useful to project managers depending on the nature of their work. When earning a certification, people like options. They want to be able to have different options and know all about them and then decide which one is better to earn.

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As today, we are talking about the two important certifications (PMP and ITIL), so why not point out some of the differences between them and then decide which one fits your criteria?



The ITIL is totally service-oriented. Whereas, the main difference is that the PMP certification is applied to the projects.
The ITIL tools and techniques can be only applied to the Information Technology industry. On the other hand, the PMP tools and techniques and its methodologies are not confined to a single industry and can be applied in a number of them.
The main purpose of ITIL is to help professionals get acquainted with the best codes and practices that are related to IT service management. And as far as the PMP is concerned, its main purpose is to act as a guide for all the project managers out there, providing them a highly effective framework for project management.
The ITIL is currently owned by the AXELOS and is a framework for IT service management.


Similarly, the PMI solely owns PMP, and its approach is based on the PMBOK guide.
The ITIL can be also known best as a set of detailed practices that are used for multiple purposes. These purposes can be from developing, delivering, and managing IT services to many others. Plus it includes twenty-six processes. The PMP has such principles that help you to work in an agile environment and bring a project to its completion successfully.
Whereas, the ITL certification has several levels and each level has different pre-requisites. The pre-requisites for the PMP certification are in terms of the number of hours.
Contrary, the ITIL has a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme which is linked to the digital badges. Further, the digital badge is linked to the certification. In this way, it can be obtained by joining the provider’s membership program. Also, you must obtain 20 CPDs to maintain your digital badge during a twelve-month time. The PMP credentials have to be renewed once every three years. It can be obtained by earning 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) during each cycle.
Being related to the IT field only, some people might not prefer it over the PMP certification. PMP is overall wider in scope as it can be applied in almost all industries.


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By taking a look at these above-mentioned differences between ITIL and PMP, you can easily understand what both these certifications are. You can understand their methodologies, how they work, what industry or industries their principles are applied in, and much more. Though, both the certifications are different but still, there are many people out there who might think of earning PMP these certifications so as to stay one step ahead.If You want to do PMP certification these PMP certification practice exam helps you to pass PMP real exam in first try.

So decide what is best for yourself and always stay in the process of learning.