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Intelligent Character Recognition ICR Takes Over OCR


Data entry has been a demanding task that has kept organizations from keeping up with the fast-paced developing world. It leads to high operational costs, more chances of errors, and a waste of time. Intelligent Character Recognition ICR is a remarkable technology that has simplified the data entry process in various organizations. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, ICR has taken over not only the outdated manual data entry process but also it has taken over the Optical character recognition OCR. Let us talk about ICR technology and how it has streamlined business operations but first, let’s discuss what is OCR.


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OCR Technology- The Beginning 

Optical Character Recognition OCR, is a technology that can extract data from its image form to its digital form. It can extract characters and turn them into a machine-readable zone or into digital format. You can use a serial number or code that might require digitization. OCR can help you turn these codes into digital output. In short, the image is possessed, extracted, and recognized. However, OCR is not trained to analyze the nature of the data that it is extracting. It only just quickly scans the characters you want to transform into their digital form. This is why the OCR engine has been revamped with intelligent character recognition ICR technology. 

What is Intelligent Character Recognition ICR Software?

Intelligent character recognition is an AI-powered OCR solution that is more intelligent and more accurate than the normal OCR. It can extract images as well as handwritten documents into its digital form. Not only that but it can analyze the document types and process the data given in different languages. It carries out a character-level recognition. The handwritten word can be changed into its machine-readable zone. OCR technology only extracted the documents in black white form but ICR software can extract the documents into its colored form. ICR is based on machine learning and artificial intelligence which makes it far more accurate. It can not only extract the data but also analyze it and its authenticity. AI training models of ICR can be trained with different document types. This way if the fraudulent or fake document is being presented, ICR can detect it and alert you about it. This technology has not only enhanced the OCR technology but has revamped the data entry process and streamlined the business operations.

How Does ICR Technology Work

There are different steps in which intelligent character recognition works. These steps include image pre-processing, character recognition, and post-processing. Let us have a look in detail at how the ICR software technology works.

Image Pre-Processing 

An intelligent Character Recognition system usually pre-processes pictures to enhance the chances of triumphant recognition. The purpose of picture pre-processing is an enhancement of the actual image information. Due to this, undesired misuses are suppressed and specified picture images are improved.

Character Recognition 

When input data is too large, it cannot be processed. In this only a few features are selected and the features selected are the important ones.  This way, the performance of ICR is increased as the data is reduced. The feature extraction analyzes the data based on features rather than as its whole. These features extracted can be lines, closed loops, line direction, etc.

Another feature of character recognition is Pattern recognition. It works on the algorithm of matrix matching. This type of technique is mostly for typewritten documents.

Post-Processing in ICR

This is another technique that intelligent character recognition ICR uses to ensure high accuracy of the process. This improves accuracy by restricting a lexicon. This allows ICR to read numbers and codes including the serial numbers and string of letters.


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To Wrap It Up

ICR has made the data entry process easier which has assisted the businesses to be more efficient. ICR is an intelligent version of OCR and can extract any type of data into a machine-readable zone. With the help of pre-processing, character recognition, and post-processing technique, OCR provides a more accurate result of data entry than OCR and certainly more accurate than the manual processes most businesses apply. It is high time that these businesses take necessary steps towards digitization and use online intelligent character recognition for the betterment of their operations.

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