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How to Get Your First Client?


Being a newbie, it takes time and a lot of effort to make a career in freelancing. One has to put in a lot of effort but that is totally normal. But the thing that is most important for a new freelancer is to be able to get his first client. If a new freelancer manages to get to his first client then this means that now he is on the right track. But getting your first client is not as easy as it may seem. There has to be a right strategy used in order to target the right client. You have to be very particular in choosing which type of work you have to offer, what type of clients you are looking for, how you are going to present yourself to the client, what is the right procedure to get a potential client and many more. So let us discuss some of the tips and techniques that can turn out to be helpful in finding your first client.

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  • Never apply for jobs just to make money.

The first thing that a freelancer must keep in his mind is to never apply for the jobs just because you want to earn money only. Meaning, don’t just randomly apply to the jobs that you don’t have the skills for doing. Because not only it will match your profile but it will also put a bad impact of you on the client. So only take such a job that you have skills and experience.

  • Try to understand the job description completely and then present it to the client.

Before approaching the client directly, a freelancer must take his time in understanding the job description and then figure out whether the work that he has to do matches his skills or not. Understand the job description completely and then find the best solution for it and then present it in a most meticulous possible way.

  • Communicate openly with the client.

Another tip that can help a freelancer to get his first client is to openly communicate with the client and then express his ideas, solution to the problem, working methodology and such. You have to communicate with your client in a sincere manner and show them that you are very passionate about doing this job. This will put a good impression on the client.

  • Be prepared for the interview.

Suppose if your proposal is accepted then you may get an interview call. So you have to be available and prepared for it. You must do your own homework and prepare all types of questions that you think you should ask from the client regarding the project. Similarly, you must also be prepared for the type of questions a client can ask as well so that nothing goes wrong and both the client and you are satisfied from each other.

  • Always set your price by valuing the time.

Setting a price for a job can be a tricky part for the freelancer. You don’t want to overwhelm the client by asking too much from him and also not undermine your hard work by asking for a low payment. So what should be done is that you must set a price that makes both of you contented and for that you calculate and analyze the time with respect to the hard work and effort that you are putting in to complete the task.

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