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GMAU Course Review – Master the Explosive Style of Taekwondo from Home

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Interested in taking your first step towards protecting yourself and those who you love? Well, you can start that with this GMAU martial arts course as this course is going to help you learn the basics of Taekwondo from the comfort of your home. The course is going to guide you all the way from white to black belt. More precisely, you will be able to learn the fundamentals of Taekwondo first. Then, the GMAU instructor will teach you the stances, kicks, blocks, and whatnot. So enroll today in this course and see for yourself how helpful this can be for you.

Syllabus of this course:

The Master the Explosive Style of Taekwondo from Home course is going to help you learn the following.

  • A brief introduction to self-defense and all its techniques.
  • Then you will learn what Poomsae is.
  • Similarly, there will be full classes that include drills and conditioning.
  • In addition, the instructor will teach you some basic techniques like stances, footwork, hand techniques, and blocks and kicks from multiple angles. This will be taught through detailed breakdowns and drills.
  • Moreover, you will also understand all about self-defense. You will learn how to walk very safely and react through locked-in muscle memory.
  • The course is just like attending a live class in a dojang where you will learn about Poomsae from white to black belt.
  • Similarly, you will also get to practice drills to get more repetition once you have gained a good understanding of each technique.

From the comfort of your home, you can learn karate from home with expert-led online karate courses, tailored to fit your pace and schedule.

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Social Proof:

Now in this section, we shall take a look at the feedback which users have given about this Master the Explosive Style of Taekwondo from Home course. By reading the reviews of other people, you will understand whether or not this course is worth your time. Embark on your journey to becoming a Wing Chun expert with our leading online courses, meticulously curated to provide a deep understanding of the art.


  • I am really enjoying the Taekwondo classes. The instructor has amazingly started from the get-go on conditioning. Then the way he has explained all the Taekwondo techniques was fabulous. I know my age can interfere with the practice but I am very eager to keep learning. (Thelma Bradshaw).
  • For some people learning about martial arts online can be a little overwhelming as most people prefer to learn from a physical instructor. But trust me, this GMAU martial arts class can make you feel at home very quickly. There is quite a supportive atmosphere with lots of goals and objectives to help you along your way. It’s not like there would be an instructor in front of you, but he sure will be behind a screen giving instructions that you should follow. And trust me, the way that instructor has explained everything will make you understand martial arts easily. (Mark Brereton).
  • For some years now, my interest in Martial arts has only increased but I never got the time to enroll myself in a class. But then someone recommended me this class and I was able to learn so many new techniques and that too from the comfort of my home. I received training in other styles which increased my interest in GMAU even more. And through this course, I was able to understand that, kicks have always been the skill I lag and that I have to focus more on it.(Najeeb Hassan).
  • I think this class is the best way to get Taekwondo training. My experience with this Master the Explosive Style of Taekwondo from Home course turned out to be amazing. Everything explained by the instructor Adam is amazing. His teaching approach is quite excellent. The thing that makes his course one of the best is his experience and enthusiasm. I am truly impressed by the amount of detail that he has shared in explaining each technique. How he has broken different techniques into small steps was also quite acknowledgeable. Everything was well-structured and amazing. (Jacqui Glisson).

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Final Thoughts:

So, if you have an interest in martial arts and looking for ways to learn or strengthen your techniques, then enrolling in this GMAU Taekwondo class is what you need to do. Therefore, enroll today and never stop learning.

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