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  1. HI Team,

    I am looking for Standard Membership. But in the Description provided I see that its only for 1 complete tableau practice Exam with unlimited attempts for one month. Can you assure that in every new attempt that the question will be different? or the same questions will be repeated again and again…..

    Thanks & Regards,
    G.N. Bhargav

  2. My Tableau trial has expired, so I must use Tableau Public. On your free questions you use Tableau workbooks not posted on Tableau public. Is it the same for your practice exams. I also want to make sure you are not using all the same questions from the Simplilearn practice exam, or from the Udemy course
    “Tableau for Beginners: Get QA Certified, Grow Your Career”, since I have done them all multiple times.

    • Dear User,

      In our exams, workbooks are from Tableau which are also used by public communities. But our questions are developed by our specialized team of tableau professionals and you will NOT find a single question from SimplyLearn and udemy.

      In case you find any question which is exact copy of any other resource please let us know and we will refund your amount.

  3. Hi Admin,
    Today I Purchased Premium version(exam 1,2 & 3) from your site. I am not able to access free Sample question and quizzes. How to access free practice tests.

  4. I have taken a course in Udemy and have access to 2 full QA exam questions. Wonder if the questions there and the questions here are the same. What if I buy the exam and found out that they are the same later.


    • Hi Jason,
      We are not sure about the QA exams of the udemy course you have taken earlier but the questions in our practice exams are prepared by our own team of certified professionals.

      Hopefully, our practice exams will be really helpful for you.


  5. Hi. I just purchased so I could take the practice Desktop Certified Associate exams (Premium package). Are there files I need to download first?



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