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Basic Steps to create a Project Successful


When it comes to completing a project on time or successfully, many factors play a part here. But the most important one is having a well-developed project plan. Although this is true, what makes up for a successful project plan that can lead to the completion of a project successfully? You can get the answer to this question below.

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Some basic steps to create a Project Successful:

Below-mentioned is some of the simple yet basic steps to create a project successful:

Explain the project plan to key stakeholders and all its key components:

The first basic step that can save you from a lot of trouble is to explain your whole project plan to the stakeholders properly. With that, you must also need to explain to them that this plan is prone to changes. And when there are any changes made in the plan, the stakeholders must have to be okay with that.

Defining all the key roles and responsibilities:

To avoid any confusion regarding who has to do what, it is best to define all the key roles and responsibilities at the start. Who are the project sponsors, who are going to define the requirements for the end product? Similarly, what tasks are to be done by the project team, who will take care of the procurement plan and the quality check etc? This and many other roles and responsibilities are a part of the project that need to be defined right from the start.All these responsibilities define to a person during the preparation of PMP certification . If a person wants to pass PMP certification exam in first try than PMP certification dumps helps him to pass PMP exam

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Holding a kickoff meeting:

If you want your stakeholders to be on your side and the team to perform well and trust you, then you need to hold a kickoff meeting to brief them about the whole project. This will not only give the stakeholders a good view of what and how you’re going to get things done but also your team. Things like business vision and strategy, team commitment, roles and responsibilities, ground rules and much more has to be discussed in this meeting.

Developing a scope statement:

A scope statement can be considered as the most important documents in the project plan. It is because this statement is the foundation of the whole project. It describes out the whole project and helps you to get your stakeholders on board.

Organize your staffing plan:

A staffing plan is a chart which is used to show several things related to the project. It shows the periods that can usually be a month, quarter, or year where each resource will come and leave the project. In short, it describes the period of work of each resource. It neither shows tasks, or estimates and its beginning and ending date, nor the critical path.

Rather, it only shows the period, resource, and the length of time that each resource has to spend on the project and then leave afterwards.

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Regularly analyzing the project quality and risks:

This step makes sure that the project quality is up to the mark. It not only meets the customer’s demand but is also something that the sponsor is actually willing to use. The purpose of this step is to prevent any type of errors that may be made during project development. That is why it is preferred to do this practice regularly so that any error made is caught on time preventing any delays.


Thus focusing on these basic yet important steps can lead to creating a project that is not only completed on time but is also successful and according to the demand of the stakeholders.