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Maksim Melnivok – A Passionate Automation Engineer

This is the story of an ordinary boy named “Maksim Melnikov” who had a passion to become an automation engineer and make the most out of this field.

He started his Automation Engineering studies at HAMK Valkeakoski in the year 2008. After 2 years of constant hard work, he was chosen as a lab assistant at AutoMaint in 2010. There he worked for over a year until the start of his exchange program at Confederation College in Canada.

In 2012, he graduated from HAMK, and even before his graduation, he was offered a job at National Oilwell Varco which is a leading oil equipment provider. Then a few weeks later he was on his way to the oil capital of Norway, Stavanger where he started his dream career in the oil and gas industry. It was his dream job so he enjoyed every second of being there. Right from the start, he was given major projects that he followed from engineering to the commissioning stage in Korea. He was given different responsibilities like developing control system software for different rig equipment such as cranes and different drilling equipment.

His job required traveling abroad and he was also assigned fieldwork and offshore rigs all over the world. On a daily basis, he has to work with many sorts of PLCs, IPCs, and more. So, this was a perfect place for a nerd like him to work. Now the main thing that helped him get to where he is today is the education he got from HAMK. The program at HAMK included a lot of Siemens PLC programming practice so he got plenty of hands-on experience with industrial robotics and programming.

With that, HAMK provided him with another great opportunity and that was to participate in an exchange program that we talked about earlier. This program was at Confederation College in Canada where he got the chance to get a glimpse of Aerospace Engineering Technology for one semester. With that, he got access to many kinds of free online courses in programming, networking, and engineering and all this only enhanced his knowledge. He had a thirst for extra knowledge and constant learning and HAMK was just the platform he needed to become something he always dreamed of.

So this is how Maksim was given so many learning opportunities and he made sure to make the most out of them. And this led him to the job he always wanted.

More Interesting Success Stories

Vishali’s Success Story

This is the story of an ordinary yet hard-working girl who got the job she wanted even when there was a time of recession and people were getting fired from their jobs and no new hiring was done. Even though she had little hope left she still gave herself a chance and applied to different companies.

She had 3 years of experience in manual testing and automation testing and she always wanted to pursue her career in this. She applied to different companies through a platform and luckily got a call from a renowned company named “MNC”.

She had to appear in 3 to 4 interviews each interview was one-hour long. In each interview, she was asked so many questions relevant to manual testing, regression, selenium, and whatnot. But since she had a lot of experience in this field she was able to rock the interviews and this led to her dream job.

This story tells us if you are determined enough to make your dreams come true and work hard for that then it doesn’t matter what the economic conditions are or whether there is a time of recession or companies are downsizing or what, you will get the job that you’ve always wanted by showing them you have what they need. This is exactly what Vaishali did and now she has the job she wanted.

Ravi’s Success Story

This is the story of a boy named “Ravi” from Bihar India who has a degree in Computer Science and his passion to keep on learning got him a job in a multinational company.

He started his first job at Villasoft through campus recruitment. There he worked for almost 2 years. Initially, he was on the manual side of testing, and then he started to develop an interest in automation. So what he did was take help from different video tutorials and mock interviews and learned all about automation.

Side by side he has been working in selenium, Java, Jira, and Jenkins. He always had a knack for automation and wanted to get a job at a multinational company. So he started to apply in different countries hoping to get an interview call one day.

Meanwhile, he was preparing for the interview as well so he took help from different YouTube tutorials and searched for videos that can prepare him for the interview. Believe it or not these tutorials on YouTube were the biggest reason for his getting selected by a multinational company named “Informatica”. According to him, it is very important to prepare for the interview and he did exactly that. He was so prepared for the interview that he was able to give all the answers correctly and confidently and all three interviews at Informatica went smoothly.

Today he has a job in one of the best companies all thanks to his passion for automation and the quality to never stop learning.

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