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CompTIA Network+ Practice Test

The aim of the CompTIA network is to help professionals develop an excellent career in IT infrastructure. You will learn all about troubleshooting, configuring, and managing networks through these certifications. Similarly, you will learn all about designing and implementing functional networks. Then, you will be able to identify the benefits and drawbacks of the existing network configuration. Similarly, you will also learn to troubleshoot different network problems. We can provide you Network + practice test and sample questions with all the learning material required for the CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam.

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Exam Detail:

Below are the exam details that you need to know Network+ Practice test before taking the exam.

  • The maximum number of questions is going to be 90.
  • The total time given to complete the exam will be 90 minutes.
  • There will be multiple-choice questions, drag and drops, and performance-based questions.
  • The passing score will be 720 (it will be on a scale of 100-900).
  • The exam is going to available in 3 languages. English, German, and Japanese. 
  • The price of the exam is $329 USD.
  • The CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam has been updated and reorganized according to the current networking technologies with expanded coverage of several domains. It has added the following points as well.
  • Critical security concepts that can help networking professionals work with security practitioners.
  • Next, coverage of newer hardware and virtualization techniques.
  • Similarly, different concepts to give individuals all the skills to keep the network resilient.

ADCompTIA Network+ (N10-007) Full Course & Practice Exam

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Network+ Practice Test Preparation Material:

CompTIA Network offers a wide range of certification training options that have been designed for 100% success. Following are the options available that can be of great help. 

  • Virtual labs. 
  • Exam prep.
  • Study guides.
  • Video training.
  • Instructor-led training.

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So, if you wish to prepare for the CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam then now is the chance to prepare for it and excel in your career.