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10 Best Nursing Resume Writing Services

No matter what your profession is or where you’re applying for a job, a resume is something that can help you stand tall in the crowd. You only get one chance to make a good first impression and if your resume is not well-written, no one will notice you even if you are qualified for the job. The same goes for a nursing resume, as this profession demands a more detailed resume than others because here you will be saving lives.

So what should your resume look like? Well, it should be;

  • Well-written
  • Professional
  • Easy to Read
  • Shows all your qualities

And most importantly, it should deliver your story in a compelling way that would force the hiring manager to set an interview with you.

A career in nursing offers boundless opportunities and there is no lie in that. If you have the ability to demonstrate clinical and leadership capabilities and are dedicated enough to become successful then the healthcare industry has a lot to offer. No matter what area of nursing you specialize in, if you are interested in this career, a professional nursing resume service in this regard will help you move your best foot forwards.

Pros of a Professionally Written Nursing Resume:

We are living in a competitive employment market where for one position; there are hundreds of applicants having similar qualifications and experience. So what can help them outshine others? Well, a professionally written nursing resume is the answer.

  • It can help you stand out from the crowd.
  • It highlights the improved patient outcomes you have contributed to.
  • Similarly, it presents the unique experiences you have learned so far.

Keeping in mind the importance of an excellent nursing resume, our experts at did some thorough research and after careful consideration, they were able to pull together the 10 best resume writing services for nursing.

Choosing any of the below-mentioned services would allow you to get access to a professional nursing resume and impress your hiring manager.

# Provider Price Range ATS Optimized Multiple Industries Unlimited Revisions LinkedIn Optimization
1. TTC Resume  Writing Service $99 – $199
2. Nurse Resume Writing Service $335 – $1,445
3. Nurse Prose $200 – $600
4. Seattle Resumes $325+
5. ZipJob $139 – $299
6. A Personal Scribe $149 – $557
7. Keep Austin Hired $100
8. Resume Folks $155 – $395
9. Engage Employment Solutions $99 – $300
10. Select Resumes $267 – $537

TTC Resume Writing Service proudly offers the best nursing resume writing services that can be taken by all related to this field. Our professionals will help shape your resume into a form that is acceptable in the market-competitive industry and give you a shot at your dream job. Our experts offer ATS-optimized resumes along with multiple revisions. Not just that, you can connect with our expert through one-on-one messaging and share all your concerns. What makes us unique from our competitors is that we are providing high-quality services to our clients at a very reasonable package. Yes, you heard it right; with you can get the best services from the best experts at a pocket-friendly rate.

Pricing: At this time, we are offering three different packages including basic, extended, and premium. These packages are starting from $99 to $199.

Nurse Resume Writing Service

Nurse Resume Writing Service offers award-winning nursing resume writing services to anyone interested. What happens here is that Rosa Elizabeth Vargas along with 2 Certified Assistant Writers joins forces with a professional proofreader and provides individualized service to nursing professionals. You will be first interviewed thoroughly. Then the team will do research and analyze the jobs you are interested in and then market your uniqueness as a nurse. You will also get help to ace the nursing interview. Thus you can turn your mundane resume into a work of art through Rosa and the writers of Nurse Resume Writing Service.

Pricing: You can get these services in different price ranges starting from $335 to $1,445.

Nurse Prose

Nurse Prose is a very convenient platform that is committed to providing its clients with the best possible nursing resume writing services available. Nurse Prose offers nurse resumes in all areas of nursing including entry-level, medical-surgical, critical care, and more.

Nurse Prose offers services in three categories:

Resumes for New Nurses:

It assists recent nursing school graduates to help them get their first nursing job. Even though you wouldn’t have a wealth of professional experience to draw from, the right services from Nurse Prose will help you become highly remarkable.

Price: From $199.95 to $499.95.

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Resumes for Experienced Nurses:

If you are an experienced nurse, then Nurse Prose can help you maximize your nursing career opportunities by offering individualized RN resume services. These services will help you highlight your unique strengths and get you interviewed today.

Price: From $249.95 to $549.95.

Resumes for Advanced Practice Nurses:

For all advanced nurses, Nurse Prose offers advanced-level resume writing services that can help you organize and amplify your unique nursing care skills. Through these services, you will be able to highlight all your leadership abilities and medical program management accomplishments.

Price: From $299.95 to $599.95.

Seattle Resumes

Seattle Resumes offers an in-house team for nurse resume writing. With that, it offers other resume writing and LinkedIn writing services. They have a small team that is based out of Raleigh, NC, and partners with Seattle-based job seekers. Seattle Resumes tend to write everything in the house and they have never outsourced to third-party writers. They follow a boutique approach and have years of experience in what they do.

Pricing: You can get nurse resume writing services for Seattle Resumes from $325+.


ZipJob is known to be a leading resume writing service located in the US. Having over 100+ writers ready to help you take your nursing career to a next level. With ZipJob, you can either get a professionally written nursing resume or a resume along with a custom cover letter. The thing that makes this platform unique is that all the resumes are run through an in-house ATS system. This thing makes sure that all the new resumes get noticed. ZipJob also guarantees that you will get at least multiple interviews after 60 days.

Pricing: You can get services from ZipJob starting from $139 – $299.

A Personal Scribe

Personal Scribe was founded by Rosie Bixel to help individuals further their careers by presenting the best-ever resume that depicts all their hard work and talent. Rosie has been offering resume services in different industries for over 20 years now including nursing.

Pricing: You can get professional nursing resume services by Personal Scribe for $149.

Keep Austin Hired

Keep Austin Hired even though the name is weird yet offers serious business to all its clients. It is led by Earnest S that has honed over a 30+ year career in journalism, advertising, and resume writing services. Keep Austin Hired offers services in different industries including Nursing.

Pricing: You can get professional services from Keep Austin Hired starting from $100.

Resume Folks

Resume Folks is America’s leading resume consultant that helps individuals to maximize their job chances using Resume Folks professional resume writing and cover letter writing service. If you want your nursing resume to shine and help you get your dream job then get in touch with Resume Folke today and get access to their highly effective and results-driven resume services.

Pricing: You can get nursing resume services from Resume Folks starting from $225.

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Engage Employment Solutions

Engage Employment Solutions is known well to be a one-stop-shop for your career, recruitment, and security services. This amazing platform is led by Pam Shwartz who happens to be a career coach, recruiter, and HR consultant having 25+ years of working experience. It serves clients in Michigan and Florida. With that, it also serves clients internationally. Engage Employment Solutions has specialized in different industries like retail, healthcare, tech, trades, and more.

Pricing: You can get nurse resume writing services from Engage Employment Solutions starting from $99 to $300.

Select Resumes

Select Resumes is a well-renowned platform that offers resume writing teams having extensive experience working in the healthcare industry and recruiting nurses. This platform has written hundreds of resumes and applications of individuals that showcase the diverse talents of clients. The trick is to present one’s skills in such a manner that becomes noticeable to the hiring manager. Select Resumes have writers that extract the most relevant information from what they gather from you. Then they use it to create a highly professional and persuasive resume. Not only that, but they also send this resume to an editor and make sure that it is free of error.

Pricing: If you want a new resume and cover letter then the price starts at $317. With that, the selection criteria applications start at $260.

Final Thoughts

No matter how many years of working experience you have or the level of education you possess, what matters the most is an updated nursing resume that can shed light on all your hard work and achievements. The above writing services we believe offer excellent nursing resume writing services. So whichever service you choose from this list would be beneficial for you in every form.

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