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Vehicle Dynamics II: Cornering

Vehicle Dynamics II Cornering
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Online Course Details:

From Bugatti Veyron to Volkswagen Bettle, from racing to passenger car: learn more about cornering and drifting and look deeper into Kamm’s circles and Kemple’s diagram.
In this second part of Vehicle Dynamics, we will illuminate the lateral dynamic aspects of vehicles.
Clear and brief: the cornering of a car.
In Detail: We will start with a simple single-track model and then describe the slip angle of a wheel. The slip angle results in cornering forces, which are essential for understanding lateral dynamics. After that, we will look at the dependency between longitudinal and lateral forces using Kamm’s circle and Krempel’s diagram. Then we will investigate steady state cornering, stability and the influence of different weight distributions between inner and outer side wheels of the car. The course will finish with two applications from automotive mechatronics.

What will I learn?

At the end of the course you will …

  • understand basic principles of cornering of a car.
  • know slip angle and cornering forces.
  • understand the single track model.
  • understand the steady state cornering, stability and the influence of different weight distribution between inner and outer side of the car.
  • be able to calculate simple properties of a car.

What do I have to know?

Some basic understanding of the following subjects will help you successfully participate in this course:
Algebra; Trigonometric Functions; Differential Calculus; Linear Algebra; Vectors; Coordinate Systems; Force, Torque, Equilibrium; Mass, Center of Gravity, Moment of Inertia; Method of Sections, Friction, Newton’s Law, (Lagrange’s Equation)

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